"Iron Man 3" Director Shane Black at Long Beach Comic & Horror Con

Official Press Release

Shane Black, Director of the highly anticipated Iron Man 3 film, will be making an appearance at the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con on Saturday, 10/29 at 4:00 PM. Black, whose films include Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Lethal Weapon and The Long Kiss Goodnight, will be hosting a panel to discuss his filmmaking career. He will share stories from the Lethal Weapon franchise, The Last Boy Scout, the writing and directing process and of course what is being planned for Iron Man 3 and the pressure of taking over the reigns of the incredibly successful franchise.

"We were thrilled when we learned that Shane Black would be coming to the show," said Phil Lawrence, co-owner of the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con. "He is going to blow everyone away with his engaging style and no doubt we'll learn some very interesting things about the making of his films. We can't wait for this one."

The panel will a must see for aspiring film makers and movie buffs alike in addition to fans of Iron Man who are hunting for clues to what awaits them in the upcoming Iron Man 3.

Confirmed Guests For Long Beach 2011

BATT, Sean Becker, Joe Benitez, Blond, Tim Bradstreet, John Carpenter, Vincent Caso, Amanda Conner, Darwyn Cooke, Felicia Day, Kevin Eastman, Kim Evey, David Finch, Hart D. Fisher, Richard Friend, Joel Gomez, Ray Anthony-Height, Rebecca Hicks, Tom Hodges, Thomas Jane, Drew Johnson, Barbara Kesel, JJ Kirby, JT Krul, Bob Layton, Scott Lobdell, Matt Maxwell, Mark McHaley, Mike McKone, Pepe Melan, Digger T. Mesch, Todd Nauck, Dustin Nguyen, Peter Nguyen, Steve Niles, Angus Oblong, Amy Okuda, William O'Neill, Jimmy Palmiotti, Brandon Peterson, Wendy Pini, While Portacio, Livio Ramondelli, Nei Ruffino, Stan Sakai, Alex Sinclair, Beth Sotelo, Cat Staggs, Richard Starkings, Robin Thorsen, Mark Waid, Joe Weems, Dan Wickline, Scott Wiliams, Bernie Wrightson, David Wohl, Clint Wolf and Dawn Wolf.

For a complete list of events, guests, activities, ticket prices and times, visit www.longbeachcomiccon.com. Tickets for Long Beach Comic & Horror Con are on sale now through the website and will also be available at many Southern California comic book and hobby shops.

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