Iron Man 2, Watchmen, Thor: February 19th Comic Reel


Another one bites the dust -- actor Mickey Rourke told New York Magazine that he would not be in the metal minded movie. "Right now, we're not doing Iron Man 2," Rourke said.

Release date: May 7, 2010.


CBR News has an interview with actor Jackie Earle Haley about playing Rorschach.

Moreover, CHUD has a minor spoiler about the project.

Release date: March 3, 2009.


A casting notice was posted at Coming Attractions showcasing exactly what director Kenneth Branagh is looking for in a Thunder God.

Release date: July 16, 2010.


Screenwriter Michael Green (apropos) is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about script development. "'Green Lantern' seems to be moving ahead," Green said. "I love the material. I was fortunate enough to get to adapt something that I've loved for a long time."

To be released in 2010.


Producer Michael Beeman posted a new blog about this week's episode, "Building 26."

Next episode: "Cold Wars," February 23, 2009.


The new thing is to talk about sequels before the first movie happens, and apparently actor Justin Chatwin said one was in the works, according to DBLegends.

No release date announced.


Fresh spoilers at Krypytonsite talk about a tiny role for a guest star.

Next episode, "Infamous," March 5, 2009.


A press release at Toon Zone notes that the first footage from the animated projects will be shown at Wondercon, February 27th at 6PM PST.

"Wonder Woman" release date: March 3, 2009.


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