Iron Man 2, Watchmen, The Graysons: October 2nd Comic Reel


We got an email from the LA Times' Jevon Phillips, who noted a chat the newspaper had with director Jon Favreau, who said, "We're playing with who the villain should be and what we should incorporate from the comic book. And how it will lead into 'The Avengers.'"


CBR News has a special report on a screening of a considerable body of footage from the film.

Also, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan told MTV about getting into the mind of the Comedian. "He does kind of have a twisted sense of humor," said Morgan. "There were days that weren't necessarily easy — because he kind of does some sick things -- and so there were a couple days where, as an actor, that trying to justify what I was doing was a little difficult. But at the end of the day, man, it was awesome. How often are you going to get a chance to play the creepiest guy in the world?"


CBR News also has the scoop on a new pilot based on the pre-Gotham City adventures of a young Dick ("DJ") Grayson.


According to TMZ, actor Shia LeBeouf has been injured on the set ... again. The site says he got a cut below his eyebrow that required stitches. It states, "After getting sewn up, he went right back to work. Injured hand, injured eyebrow -- no problemo."


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