Iron Man 2, Transformers 2, Smallville: April 15th Comic Reel


According to director Jon Favreau's Twitter, he spent the day working with Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. "Back from lunch. More Tony and Pepper in the workshop."

Will The Mandarin play a part in the sequel? Sci Fi Wire has some quotes from actor Faran Tahir, who played the terrorist Raza in the first film, saying he's not in this movie, but a subsequent one's possible. "We're still talking about it," Tahir said. "It hasn't been finalized yet, so we'll see. Is he the conduit to Mandarin? Does he become Mandarin? Is it just another leader of the Ten Rings, you know, thing? All the allusions [in] my first speech [were] all about Genghis Khan and all that, which is Mandarin's thing, you know? So I think they have created the character and the storyline very wisely. To leave it as open as possible so whatever they need to, you know, pull from, they will."

Starring Don Cheadle, release date: May 7, 2010.


Staying with the heavy metal, director Michael Bay told MTV the run time for the new movie, saying this one is "four minutes longer than the last one, so go figure that out." (For the record, that means approximately 147 minutes.

Actor Shia Lebeouf told Entertainment Weekly about his hand injury. "When I came back it was just out of the guilt that I had," Lebeouf said. "I pride myself on my professionalism, and this is the first issue I've ever had where I wasn't able to come to set, and it's f---ing heartbreaking when you gotta look at your crew. You know, what can you do? You just gotta grab your balls and move forward. There's nothing else to do. The thing that cut deep to the core of me was knowing that there were 65 human beings [in the crew] who are like family to me, waiting for me to come back. They were sitting on their asses doing nothing because of my...you know, my situation. It's the most intense s--- I've ever dealt with, and am still dealing with. I mean, if people look at me like a drunk a--hole, that's okay. But I know my family looks at me like a whole different person, and I know my crew respects me immensely. And at the end of the day, I can't do much more. They stitched me up in a military hospital. The doctor looks at me and he holds his thumb and forefinger about an inch apart from one another. I said, 'What is that?' He said, 'Blindness.' This is the most insane s--- I've ever been a part of."

Finally, Bay is quoted at Superhero Hype noting that a new trailer will be attached to prints of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

Starring Megan Fox, release date: June 24, 2009.


From big steel to the Man of Steel, Kryptonsite has more new spoilers in both this image gallery and on their spoilers page.

Next episode: "Stiletto," April 23, 2009.


CBR News has an interview with actor Brian Austin Green about the Fox series.

Next episode airdate not announced.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Brotherhood" creator Blake Masters has been hired to adapt the Boom! Studios property written by CBR's own Steven Grant. Marc Platt is producing.

No release date announced.


Have two more photos from the Toronto set, courtesy of director Edgar Wright.

Starring Michael Cera and Brandon Routh, release date: 2010.


Producer Greg Beeman has posted a new blog about last night's episode.

Next episode: "I Am Sylar," April 20, 2009.


Superhero Hype has the new trailer for the Activision video game based on the movie.

As well, CBR News has a video interview with movie executive Jeff Katz.

Starring Hugh Jackman, release date: May 1, 2009.


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