"Iron Man 2" Trailer Revealed!

Yesterday, CBR brought you word on Marvel Films and Paramount Pictures first foray into viral marketing for the upcoming "Iron Man 2." Centered around the newspaper clippings adorning the wall of Ivan "Whiplash" Vanko's cell wall, the images released seemed to highlight the phrase "Stark Secret Confession."

This afternoon, the final piece of the campaign fell into place as Latino Review put up one last image highlighting the word "Revealed." That entire phrase combined to make the web address StarkSecretConfessionRevealed.com, which included a countdown clock promising the first full trailer for the Jon Favreau-directed, Robert Downey, Jr.-starring sequel just after 4:00 pm Pacific time. The video can be streamed via the CBR player below.

High definition versions of the trailer can be found on Apple's Iron Man mini-site.

An extensive gallery of screenshots from the trailer have been posted below.

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