Iron Man 2 Propmaker Reveals Tony Stark's Unused Undersuit Armor

Although it is no secret that Tony Stark is quite detail-oriented when it comes to his armor's aesthetic, some tend to overlook that the billionaire playboy also doesn't cut corners when it comes to his apparel underneath the weaponized shell. Recently, the propmaker for 2010's Iron Man 2 provided a detailed glimpse at Tony's undersuit not featured within the film's final cut.

By way of social media, Ironhead Studios showed off images of the outfit. "In 2009 we built an undersuit for Ironman 2 for [Robert Downey Jr.]," they wrote. "It was worn during filming, but never made it to the screen. Here's some behind-the-scenes fitting photos on a fit model. Special thanks to Steve Wang for helping with this project." Despite this variant not appearing on-screen, Tony can be seen wearing the undersuit within a deleted scene from the film.

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Directed by Jon Favreau, Iron Man 2 released in the summer of 2010 as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first phase. Along with introducing key Avengers such as Black Widow and War Machine, the sequel also contains a brief cameo from a young Peter Parker. Available now on DVD and Disney+, the film features Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanov, Don Cheadle as James Rhodes, and Mickey Rourke as Whiplash.

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