Iron Man 2, The Spirit, Priest: December 17th Comic Reel


Actor Don Cheadle spoke with IGN about taking over the role of Jim Rhodes. "I got a phone call from my agent saying they were offering me the part," Cheadle said. "That was kind of it. It happened very fast, and I had a very short time to answer. Literally, overnight. I was unaware of what was happening with Terrence. And when they called me I asked what was going on with Terrence. I've worked with Terrence, I've known Terrence for a long time. And they said they were moving away from him. So it's not like I was taking Terrence's job, because the job was already gone. Someone else was going to do the part. I don't know who the next person in line was, but that's who they were going to. And I literally had a few hours to accept the job or not. "

Screenwriter Justin Theroux told MTV that there would be no diminishing of the Jim Rhodes role. "I can't really speak to the plot stuff and all the rest of it but Rhodes is completely present in a very strong and big way," Theroux said. "He's COMPLETELY present."

Directed by Jon Favreau, release date May 7, 2010.


CBR News talked to the cast and crew about the film.

There's also new clips on the film at JoBlo and Cinematical.

Starring Gabriel Macht, release date December 25, 2008.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Scott Charles Stewart has signed to direct the horror Western that Michael De Luca and Stars Road Entertainment's Josh Donen are producing for Screen Gems. Mitchell Peck will also produce. Cory Goodman (The Brood) wrote the screenplay.

No release date announced.


How about that mid-season finale? Producer Greg Beeman spoiled the heck out of it on his blog.

Next episode: "Shades of Gray," some time in January.


A story at CHUD talked about fans getting to see the first 22 minutes of the film.

It's not all good news, though. According to Variety, the trial for who controls the rights for the film will be pushed back to January 20th (also this columnist's birthday).

Directed by Zack Snyder, release date March 6, 2009.


First of all, it's not a sequel. Screenwriter Tim Doyle said as much on his MySpace blog.

No release date announced.


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