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Director John Favreau tells The Los Angeles Times what sets Tony Stark apart from the other superheroes. "The fact that our hero has no secret identity -- that opens up a lot of things for us creatively," he explains. "Usually the hero is forced to live an even more bifurcated existence between the esteemed persona of the superhero version of himself and the humble or disguised existences of his secret-identity self." Favreau goes on to explain subsequent films that deal with that duality lose their balance as the hero becomes more established. This definitely was a weakness of the original Batman cycle, where they tried to keep up a different life for Bruce Wayne. In this cycle, it seems clear the filmmakers know there isn't much of a life for Bruce without the Batman. Dispensing with a secret identity for Tony Stark at the close of the first film was definitely a master stroke for Favreau and team.

Starring Robert Downey Jr., release date: May 7th, 2010


A number of readers emailed and asked if Friday's episode will be pre-empted by the Hope for Haiti Now telethon organized by George Clooney. We've been able to confirm that yes, the episode, "Disciple," has been pre-empted and will air on the 29th. Meanwhile Micheal Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly has discovered Perry White, in the form of Michael McKean, is making a return to the series. Also, Cassidy Freeman -- Tess Mercer on the series -- guest DJed on KCRW and the station has made her set available for streaming or download on their site.

New episode: January 29th, 2010


As we reported yesterday at CBR, AMC is committing to filming a pilot based on the series after reviewing the script. It's a good sign for the proposed show. Frank Darabont, director of "The Mist" is shepherding the project.

Release date: TBA


Child actress Chloe Moretz talked with MTV News about her role as Hit Girl in the film. If you've seen any video interviews with her or "(500) Days of Summer," you know she's eerily mature and well-spoken. "It was really fun to do. I learned how to take apart a gun, put it back together, clean it," she says of her training.

Starring Nicholas Cage, release date: April 16th, 2010


I watched last night's episode, "Rewind" and found I enjoyed it more than the pilot. Taking Chi McBride's Winston into the field was a good idea as he takes some of the narrative weight off of Mark Valley's version of Chance. Having them both in the situation makes it play much more like "Leathal Weapon." Also, I was sold on the episode when I heard Chance would fly a plane upside down and the execution of it was great. Instead of just being a gimick or sight-gag, the script actually plays with the reality (such as it is) of flying a commercial plane that way and the steps that would be taken to right it. The next episode is airing on Tuesday, so keep an eye out for that.

Airs: Tuesday


Have you seen this lightcycle image at MTV News yet? Back in the early 80s, Futurist Syd Mead designed the lightcycle so the rider would be visible, but merge with the cycle's construction. This was beyond the computer capabilities of the day, so the design smoothed out the beloved lightcycle of our childhoods. This version totally recalls Mead's original design future. MTV News also interviewed the film's director Joespeh Kosinski. Asked about how similar the film will look to the Comic-Con teaser, Kosiniski said, "I would say it's not far removed. The teaser, at least tonally, represented the direction I wanted to take it. That sequence actually doesn't appear in our film at all. It represents a period of time before our film begins. We were able to refine the design of the light cycles, the characters, the world and kind of flesh it out to a much higher level of detail than we were able to do for the test. What we're going to see in the film will feel a lot more photorealistic. They did that test with eight or 10 people in a matter of months. We have thousands of people working on the film. It's a whole different scale."

Starring Jeff Bridges, release date: December 17th, 2010


According to Heat Vision, a decision on the 3D version of the film will be made in the next ten days. A test of footage converted to the format has been order by Warner Bros execs. "Releasing 'Titans' in 3D would be a dramatic statement about the growth of 3D exhibition, as it would be a second big 3D title set for release the final weekend of March," writes Heat Vision. Meanwhile, MTV News caught up with director Louis Leterrier n which he boast about the Kraken. " Our Kraken [sea monster] -- he's not a small or medium Kraken, he's the biggest Kraken ever!" exclaims Leterrier.

Starring Sam Worthington, release date: March 26th, 2010


This week's series of rainstorms has left me out of jokes about the way Southern California TV stations report it. While all this rain is a danger for the areas hit by the fires last summer, the rest of us just need to slow the hell down on the roads. Meanwhile, if any of you in the great, wide Internet discover something awesome, disheartening, just plain weird, or spot Mysterio up to his usual hi-jinks, let us know! Take credit, come up with a clever nickname, or go anonymous. The choice is yours. Fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya bracing for the future threat of other LA drivers in the rain.

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