Iron Man 2, Smallvile, Dragonball Evolution: April 5th Comic Reel


Actor Terrence Howard talked to Sci Fi Wire about being recast as Jim Rhodes. "They made a choice," Howard said. "They made a very, very bad choice. They didn't keep their word. They didn't honor our contract. They sent everyone out into a field and told them to work and produce a great bounty. You produce a great bounty, and then when it's all in the storehouse, you are not allowed into the storehouse."

He was fairly open to Don Cheadle's recasting. "I want to see Don Cheadle become me. I want him to do better than me. That's what I really want to see. I think he can. Don Cheadle is the reason I got on Crash. He was one of the producers on Crash, and he called and got me in there. So it's like Don is good by me, anything he does. He's given me the greatest gift I could ever imagine having. Don gave me that, so anything I have, I'll share with him."

Superhero Hype has a note about the sequel filming in Pasadena, CA today and tomorrow.

Finally, actor Robert Downey, Jr. talked to Entertainment Weekly about what to expect. "The film is almost entirely about character, and yet we still have twice as much action as we did last time, so it's going to be nuts," Downey said. "Essentially 'Iron Man 2' is about looking behind the armor, or the armature, of a superhero. It's one thing to say you're Iron Man, it's another thing to be fully ready to do that."

Downey also spoke (with spoilers) to MTV about what you will find in the next movie ... and what you won't.

Directed by Jon Favreau, release date: May 7, 2010.


Comic Book Movie visited the Vancouver set and took a lot of photos of stuff getting messed up.

Meanwhile, Kryptonsite has the official network description for this week's episode.

Next episode, "Stiletto," April 23, 2009.


According what star Justin Chatwin told MTV that the sequel's already written. "I know they've written a second one and it's pretty far out there," Chatwin said. "The second one really goes to some different places that I've never seen in any comic book adaptation."

Meanwhile, actress Emily Rossum talked to us here at CBR News about her role in the movie.

Directed by James Wong, release date: April 10, 2009.


Actor Channing Tatum talked to Sci Fi Wire about signing up as Duke. "I had no idea what I was doing," Tatum said. "I had no clue. I had really no aspirations to go do a huge film like that, really, not yet in my career. I kind of got thrown into it. In doing so, it really opened my mind to [the fact that] it's just acting. It's a different style of acting. It's more skipping along the surface, and it is about the big explosions and stuff. You're not sitting there trying to do Shakespeare."

Starring Dennis Quaid, release date: August 7, 2009.


Staying on the toy aisle, director Michael Bay either revealed a big spoiler to MTV or he's completely screwing with fan sensibilities.

Starring Shia LeBeouf, release date: June 24, 2009.


Have you had a problem deciphering what the photos director Edgar Wright has been posting? MTV has an analysis of some of the music-based ones online.

Scheduled for release this year.


Speaking of MTV, director Sam Raimi told the site that he's ready to bring Bruce Campbell back. "I would love to have Bruce in 'Spider-Man 4,'" Raimi said. "I haven't talked to him about it yet, but he's such a source of humor for me. I love working with the guy. He's a great and really dedicated actor, as much as we kid each other all the time. I haven't spoken to him yet, but I hope that he would [be in the film]."

Starring Tobey Maguire, release date: May 6, 2011.


Mais oui -- take a look at the new French poster for the mutant minded movie.

Directed by Gavin Hood, release date: May 1, 2009.


Would you believe that somebody made a spec script based on the twisted reflection of the Man of Steel? Would you believe that same person helped make "Galaxy Quest?" Latino Review has a "first look."

No release date announced.


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