Iron Man 2, Priest, Scott Pilgrim: June 8th Comic Reel


Actor Mickey Rourke talked to The Guardian about playing Whiplash in the sequel. "I decided to do half my role in Russian," he said, "and that's hard because the Russian language doesn't roll off the English-speaking tongue very easily. I spent three hours a day with a teacher, and after two weeks I know four sentences!"

Also, Superhero Hype has set photos of the construction in Downey, CA.

Starring Don Cheadle and Gwyneth Paltrow, release date: May 7, 2010.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, actor Cam Gigandet will star opposite Paul Bettany in the Tokyopop horror western adaptation.

Directed by Scott Stewart, no release date announced.


Director Edgar Wright has posted a new video blog and two new set photos from the Oni Press picture.

Starring Michael Cera and Brandon Routh, release date: 2010.


Comic Book Movie has a new photo of Ironhide from the new movie.

Also, director Michael Bay made a note on his message boards about the picture. "The way to see this movie is on IMAX," Bay wrote. "Never before has there been 4k rendered character animation shot on full IMAX 70 mm film. This is a first and the results are stunning. You will see Optimus Prime in a few shots where he is actually perfectly to scale on the IMAX 50 foot tall screens. For IMAX, I created a slightly longer cut with more robot fighting. Four scenes were shot on IMAX cameras so the screen will fill the full IMAX screen for these scenes."

Starring Shia Lebeouf, release date June 24, 2009.


There's no release date announced, and there's no distributor on the project, but the "making of the movie" book is on sale at Amazon.com.

Starring Nicolas Cage, Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.


Producer Todd Black told The New York Post that Kirsten Dunst is "definitely on board" for the sequel and gave a vague hint about the next villain we'll see. "We're just coming up with who the villain's going to be now," Black said. "We'll be shooting in New York again. Trust me, people will appreciate who we pick, because it'll be a big part of New York."

Starring Tobey Maguire, release date: May 6, 2011.


Screenwriter Tim Boyle talked to Moviehole about progress on the new take. "'The Phantom' is still at scripting stage," Boyle said. "Although the comic studio and executive producers have given it two thumbs up, we're constantly pushing the screenplay forward. I believe the film will go into pre-production by the end of the year."

No release date announced.


The rumor from Film School Rejects is that "TMNT" co-creator Kevin Eastman said that James Cameron has come on board as a co-executive producer of the project with plans to direct a segment. He also mentioned that Kung Fu Panda co-director Mark Osborne would reunite with Jack Black to do a "comedy segment" for the animated anthology.

Directed by David Fincher, Zack Snyder amd Gore Verbinski.


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