Iron Man 2 Motorcycle Suit Debuts from UD Replicas

Official Press Release

Building an extraordinary collection of handcrafted, high-end leather motorcycle suits that replicate the on-screen designs worn by cinematic Super Heroes, UD Replicas today announced that it is taking orders for its all-new replica of the Mark V Suitcase Suit from IRON MAN 2

Meticulously designed and hand crafted by UD Replicas, with creative guidance from Marvel, the IRON MAN 2 Mark V Motorcycle Suit includes an intricately detailed jacket that recreates the metallic angles and deep colors of the original - in form-molded leather that boasts a remarkable texture and dimensionality.

The complete IRON MAN 2 Motorcycle Suit includes jacket, pants, boots and gloves and retails for $1,099.00 in the U.S. and Canada. Orders will be accepted beginning July 1 until September 15 exclusively at www.UDReplicas.com. UD Replicas offers a three-month payment option for full four-piece orders, and suits are expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2011.

"We've replicated the visual effect of Iron Man's armor," explains David Pea, owner of UD Replicas, which spent four months researching and designing the IRON MAN 2 Motorcycle Suit. "From the neck down, every single detail is form-molded leather, and has presented us with a fantastic creative challenge. It's important for us to get the details exactly right, because the Iron Man suit is such an iconic design."

Each IRON MAN 2 Motorcycle Suit from UD Replicas takes several days to produce, and incorporates a chest arc reactor made of highly reflective, light-sensitive material that glows when light hits it. The IRON MAN 2 Motorcycle Suit also incorporates removable CE-approved body armor; gloves with built-in, anti-skid Kevlar in the leather lining of the palms.

The leather work is finished in the candy-apple red featured in the original on-screen suit, with a translucent, pearl metallic finish. The silver accents are metallic silver chrome with a translucent finish.

The IRON MAN 2 Motorcycle Suit, along with UD Replicas' X2 Wolverine Motorcycle Suit, will be displayed at booth 2913 during San Diego International Comic-Con from July 21 to July 25.

Full information on ordering the IRON MAN 2 Motorcycle Suit, as well as photos and video of UD Replicas' remarkable creations, can be found online at www.udreplicas.com.

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