Iron Man 2, Jonah Hex, Heroes: April 28th Comic Reel


Director Jon Favreau has been tweeting up a storm from the set.

1:26 AM, April 18th: "13 hour work days are pretty much the norm. Film crews are a special breed.They bust their ass and take a great deal of pride in their work."

8:52 AM, April 18th: "Woke up sore from doing stunt work last night. I shoulda known it was coming when the stuntwoman said goodbye by saying 'Take some Advil.'"

5:00 AM, Apr 20th: "It's dark out and I'm leaving for work."

1:00 PM, Apr 20th: "Sitting in Stark's foyer waiting for the next set up."

10:22 AM, Apr 22nd: "Shooting a scene with John Slattery."

8:50 PM, Apr 22nd: "Scarlett and Downey in Stark manor."

10:23 PM, Apr 23rd: "Big day today. Lots of extras. The shows first pyro gag. I have to admit, it's fun to blow things up."

10:20 PM, Apr 24th: "Kevin James came by the set today. So did Faizon Love."

12:48 PM, Apr 25th: "A welcome day off after a long, productive week on stage. We established all the rooms in Tony's house. Next week we bust out the suits."

9:28 AM, Apr 26th: "Approved first photo for release. I'll let you know when it will run and post a link here when it's up. Stay tuned ..."

11:30 AM, Apr 27th: "Downey is donning the suit."

Starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, release date: May 7, 2010.


Superhero Hype has new set photos of actress Megan Fox in character on the set.

Starring Josh Brolin, release date: August 6, 2010.


Producer Greg Beeman has posted what seems like it'll be his last spoiler-filled blog since the network eliminated his position on the show.

Next episode: ... well, next season, one would guess.


More publicity? Why sure -- actor Hugh Jackman was interviewed by Sci Fi Wire, and said, "I think comic-book fans have loved Wolverine for more than the action. He was the first antihero, and there was not just good guys versus bad guys, but an internal battle of good and bad going on within the character. Yeah, they're cool, and they've got claws or they can do amazing things, swords, cards, all of that great, fun stuff, but each one of them has a personal battle going on, and that's why audiences can relate."

There's also new TV spots posted on YouTube.

Meanwhile, Variety is worried about the film's box office chances in Mexico due to the swine flu.

Directed by Gavin Hood, release date: May 1, 2009.


Nice snowfall in new set photos from director Edgar Wright.

Starring Michael Cera and Brandon Routh, release date 2010.


Empire Online has the press release detailing what's up with the new movie.

No casting information released, release date: 2011.


According to Latino Review, Linkin Park will be scoring the sequel.

Actor Leonard Nimoy told Sci Fi Wire that rumors about his being The Fallen is not true. "I'm hearing some buzz about that, but I haven't had a phone call yet from either Michael Bay or my agent," Nimoy said, "and they certainly know how to reach me. I'm not saying yes or no; I just haven't heard anything."

Starring Shia Lebeouf, release date: June 24, 2009.


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