Iron Man 2, Green Lantern: First Flight, Kick-Ass: July 16th Comic Reel


Slashfilm has scans from tomorrow issue of Entertainment Weekly featuring the first photos of Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow. Ain't It Cool News is reporting John Debney will score the film. Debney previously scored director Jon Favreau's "Elf" and "Zathura." He also contributed to the "Sin City" score and, oddly enough, the 1996 TV movie, "Doctor Who." Meanwhile, over at Favreau's Twitter, he says, "Nice early wrap. Two days left!"

Starring Robert Downey Jr.,, release date: May 7, 2010


Former Cylon Tricia Helfer talked to MTV Splashpage about her character in the upcoming animated film. "She's certainly not an evil character per se, but she does things that she thinks are good for society. She's not really sexy in terms of her personality, so she's not trying to reel Hal in -- that relationship is more like comrades. So I wanted to play Boodikka both strong and sweet," she says of an alien member of the Green Lantern Corps.

Starring the voices of Christopher Meloni, Victor Garber, release date: July 28th, 2009


Going to Comic-Con next week? If you do, you might see footage from the film. MTV Splashpage is reporting director Matthew Vaughn will screen several scenes during the "Kick-Ass" panel. "There will be at least four scenes from the first act," says Vaughn. "Then a minute's montage of what's going to happen in the next two acts."

Release date: TBA


Today, we have more Knives in the set picture from director Edgar Wright's blog. Also, it's video blog time. This week's blog features The Clash at Demonhead, the best band in the world. Well ... sort of.

Starring Michael Cera and Chris Evans, release date: 2010


Over at Ask Ausiello, Entertainment Weekly's scoop-hound has uncovered a tiny bit of Smallville spoiler. It involves merging names to create a single romantic coupling. I'll spare you the exact details as they are main sequence spoilers. Speaking of spoilers, the KryptonSite page devoted to them has been updated.

New episodes begin September 25, 2009


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