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Iron Man 2, Cowboys & Aliens, Alien: March 8th Comic Reel

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Iron Man 2, Cowboys & Aliens, Alien: March 8th Comic Reel


Here at CBR, we have the new trailer which also premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Also, FanboyWEB claims G4 host Olivia Munn will be playing Scarlet Witch. Their source is a spy on the set of ‘Thor.’ Which is slightly more credible than “studio insider.”

Starring Robert Downey Jr., release date: May 7th, 2010


Olivia Wilde seems pretty hyped to be part of this. She tells MTV News about the film:

Starring Daniel Craig Release date: July 29th, 2011


Roger Christian (art director on “Alien” and director of “Battlefield Earth”) tells Shadowlocked (via IESB) the following: “Ridley’s doing the next ‘Alien’ in 3D.” I suppose that isn’t the most shocking announcement. Everyone — including my monovision afflicted mother –is directing a 3D flick at this point. Christian also suggests the “Alien” prequel will set up a new trilogy of films.

Release date: TBA


Director Marc Webb graciously answers questions about the film to MTV News:

Meanwhile, Zac Efron tells MTV News being cast as Spider-Man would be “a dream come true.”

Release date: May 28th, 2012


Earth’s Mightiest‘s Ed Gross talks to director Sylvain White over the phone. It’s cut up in four peices and covers the shifting release dates, getting involved, and the like.

Starring Jeffey Dean Morgan, release date: April 23rd, 2010


The Los Angeles Times Hero Complex posted a transcript of the Q&A session with “Legacy” director Joe Kosinski and original “Tron” director Steven Lisberger. Ask if the first movie’s bad program, the MCP, would appear in the film, Lisberger said, “That’s the old technology of the mainframe and that’s sort of obsolete.” Kosinski followed with, “We are on a new server now. You got a glimpse of it there when he wipes the screen — it’s the next generation ENCOM server. We’ve moved on. The technology has advanced.”

Starring Jeff Bridges, release date: December 17th, 2010


Io9 points out another actor from the short list, Friday Night Light’s Scott Porter, is out of the running. He told his Facebook fans the sad news.

Release date: July 22nd, 2011


Star Jason Momoa tells the Des Moines Register (via Superhero Hype), “I’m a little hippy kid from Iowa, man. I was no toughie. I spent my fair share of time stuffed in lockers.” The paper profiles the actor and interviews many of the production types from the film about how he fits into their vision of Conan.

Release date: 2011


Phantomsite reports Syfy has finally anounced an airdate for the miniseries. Well, an airmonth, anyway. It will air in June 2010.

Airdate: June 2010


So I ended up watching the Academy Awards yesterday and doing the now obligatory Oscar snark on Twitter. Snarking certainly adds a great deal to the entertainment level of the show as I certainly had no horses in the race. I liked “The Hurt Locker,” but certainly don’t feel any excitement that in won Best Picture. To a certain extent, the sensibilities of the Academy are so divorced from my own that the only reason I continue to watch the show is inertia. Meanwhile, if any of you in the great, wide Internet discover something awesome, disheartening, just plain weird, let us know! Take credit, come up with a clever nickname, or go anonymous. The choice is yours. Fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya bracing for the future threat of red carpets.

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