The Iron Giant Goes On a Rampage in This Fallout 4 Mod

iron giant fallout 4

There’s a lot of nasty things roaming the irradiated Massachusetts wasteland in Bethesda’s open world first-person shooter “Fallout 4,” but few are as terrifying as the latest nostalgia-fueled mod that places a killer Iron Giant at your command.

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The mod, available at NexusMods and for the PC and Xbox One, replaces the meshes and textures for the game’s original, communist-hating robot, Liberty Prime, with that of the mechanical protagonist from the 1999 animated film “The Iron Giant.” The mod was created by 3D artist and game developer Matthew Swanton.

Despite the similarities between Liberty Prime and the Iron Giant (both are very large robots with a significant arsenal), the reality is that the two couldn't be more different. In the “Fallout” series’ fiction, Liberty Prime was designed to end a conflict in Anchorage, Alaska between the American military and the Chinese (depicted in the game as the communist Red Chinese). Liberty Prime is known to spout anti-communist propaganda.

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The Iron Giant was the star of the film by the same name, in which the selfless robot was befriended by a young boy and a beatnik artist. While it is eventually revealed that the robot carries a significant arsenal, the robot does more good than harm, holding a particular desire to be like Superman. The same cannot be said for the Iron Giant featured in Swanton’s mod, which carries a backpack full of nuclear bombs and will snap a super mutant’s neck with ease.

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