Finn Jones Promises Iron Fist Season 2 'Is Unlike Anything Seen Before'

If the star of the series is to be believed, Season 2 of Netflix's Iron Fist series may just turn out to be an epic martial arts adventure. On his Instagram page, Finn Jones delivered a heartfelt message following the conclusion of the production of the series, promising his followers that the finished product will be something quite special.

Along with a piece of promotional artwork for the series, Jones wrote "We came at this season with fierce ambition, relentless work ethic, passion and optimism. I think the story we've told and the journey the characters have been on this season is unlike anything seen before."

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After strong freshmen seasons for Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, many fans and critics felt letdown by the first season of Iron Fist, which drew a lot of criticism for Danny Rand's personality changes from the comic books, and the fact that Finn Jones did not have a lot of time to prep for the physically-demanding role.

However, after a course-correction of sorts in the ensemble series The Defenders, Iron Fist is ready to become the newest hero of the New York City streets. This time around, Finn Jones has had more than enough time to prepare and train for the role, and it appears like the actor truly gave his all to deliver a season fans can be pleased with. "I'm proud, exhausted, but above all, ready for all of our hard work to be enjoyed across the world," the actor wrote.

Before the Living Weapon starts his next adventure in his solo series, Jones will be able to show off his new skills as he fights alongside fellow Defender Luke Cage when the Mike Colter-starring series arrives on Netflix on June 22.

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Iron Fist stars Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, Sacha Dhawan, Rosario Dawson, Alice Eve and Simone Missick.

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