Marvel's Iron Fist Season 2 Confirmed to Arrive This Year

Netflix Iron Fist ARt

Marvel's Iron Fist will return to Netflix sooner than anticipated, and when it does, Danny Rand apparently will be wearing a costume.

The confirmation arrived this afternoon in a Reddit AMA with Jeph Loeb, Marvel's head of television and an executive producer of the series. Responding to the question, "Can Iron Fist get his suit?," Loeb wrote, "You'll be very happy with Season 2 coming this year!"

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His answer is, of course, a two-for-one, as it not only confirms the release of Season 2 this year, but also the debut of Iron Fist's traditional yellow-and-green costume, something fans have clamored for since, well, before the series launched in March 2017. It's been teased, both in a flashback to an earlier Iron Fist in Season 1 and in the final moments of The Defenders, but producers insisted Danny wasn't quite ready to don the mask just yet.

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Loeb's comment also raises questions about the release schedule for Marvel's Netflix dramas. Luke Cage Season 2 arrives on June 22, and Daredevil Season 3 -- which began production before Iron Fist Season 2 -- was expected to follow this fall. It's unclear whether this means Daredevil will be delayed until 2019, or if there will be four Marvel shows released on the streaming service this year.

Iron Fist Season 2 stars Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, Sacha Dawan, Simone Missick and Rosario Dawson.

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