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6 Reasons to Actually Be Excited for Iron Fist Season 2

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6 Reasons to Actually Be Excited for Iron Fist Season 2

Without a doubt, Marvel’s Iron Fist has been the studio’s most critically-panned Netflix series to date. It’s one of six shows that the studio has developed with, and for, the streaming service to date, and it’s perhaps the only real failure that it’s had so far – and that’s down to many factors. The series was almost doomed from the beginning when conversations regarding the character being a “white savior” started to crop up on social media, and it failed to pick up any substantial pace from there.

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Marvel Television, ABC, and Netflix can’t have been too disappointed with the performance of Iron Fist, considering the series was renewed for a second season in July of this year. This may seem like a bad move for everybody involved, especially since Finn Jones’ character was the butt of many jokes during his time in The Defenders, Marvel’s eight-episode team-up series that premiered in August. Season 2 of the series has begun filming, and we believe there are quite a few reasons that you should be excited – let’s get into it!

New Showrunner

Raven Metzner

First of all, Iron Fist‘s Season 1 showrunner Scott Buck is out. Marvel cited that Buck’s involvement in Inhumans made him unavailable for more Iron Fist, but it’s more than likely because both of the shows received unflattering reviews. Sure, it could be a mere coincidence that two Marvel series, which are typically successful and were both adapted by Buck, bombed – but evidently it’s not a chance the studio wanted to take once more.

Raven Metzner, writer behind 2005’s Elektra and Fox’s Sleepy Hollow series, has taken over the reins for the upcoming season. “Raven’s love of all things Iron Fist and his extensive knowledge of martial arts films made him the perfect choice to continue telling the adventures of Danny Rand and Colleen Wing,” Executive VP of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb said at the time of the announcement.

Finn Jones’ Training

Iron Fist Danny Rand

One of the biggest criticisms of the show was the disappointing use of martial arts and blatant overuse of stunt doubles in the majority of action scenes. It was very clear that Jones wasn’t well-versed in combat, and that he hadn’t been given enough time to prepare for a show that features fight choreography so heavily.

This time round, the star of the show began training months in advance of production, which’ll mean he’s ready for more intensive and impressive stunts and choreography. Jones stated that he had began training at least four or five months ahead of the season’s December production. This should all mean that Jones can hold his own on-set now, and we’ll see a lot more of him in action during Season 2.

Origin Is Over


When we become reacquainted with the self-proclaimed “Protector of K’un Lun” in his second season, he should be like a new man. His origin has been established now, and he’s had some time with Marvel’s other Netflix heroes to defeat The Hand and fulfill his destiny – with the end of The Defenders seeing Danny Rand step up to protect Hell’s Kitchen in Daredevil’s absence.

There’s a chance that the story will focus more on the crime within New York, rather than the mystical mumbo-jumbo and villainous Hand organization. One of the less likable qualities of Danny in Iron Fist Season 1 was his immaturity, and how quick he was to flip out. He was supposed to have trained for 15 years and been in full control of himself, physically and mentally. Instead, he acted like a child – though he did indeed mature, slowly, over the course of August’s The Defenders. Fans should expect a more level-headed, calculated Danny in Iron Fist‘s second season, which can only be a positive thing.

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