Iron Fist: Colleen Wing Should Lead a Daughters of the Dragon Spinoff

Iron Fist Colleen Wing

With "Iron Fist" now on Netflix, fans have been given the chance to see more classic Marvel Comics characters come to life like Danny Rand, Harold Meachum and martial artist Colleen Wing. And while Danny may be the focus of the "Iron Fist" series, Colleen plays a vital role in the war against The Hand. This should be no surprise, though, as the character, played by "The Force Awakens" and "Game of Thrones" actress Jessica Henwick, will also appear in "The Defenders." Of course, we're of a mind that that should only be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Coleen Wing's on-screen adventures.

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In the comics, Wing has long been a key ally to Danny Rand and Luke Cage in the "Heroes for Hire" series. In 1977, she teamed up with Misty Knight and the pair became known as the Daughters of Dragons. Since both Misty and Colleen are now firmly part of Marvel's Defendersverse (yes, we're gonna make that a thing), it would be amazing to see them both star in a "Daughters of the Dragon" spin-off. "Iron Fist" star Finn Jones is in on this idea, saying, "I think it would be awesome to see a television series with the Heroes for Hire and the Daughters of the Dragon working together to take down crime, it would be cool." The story of Wing as the skilled martial artist and Knight as the gun-toting former police detective is just begging to be told.

Colleen Wing Shines in Iron Fist


When Danny Rand fist meets Colleen Wing in "Iron Fist," she's reserved, guarded, and doesn't understand why a homeless-looking man is in her dojo. When he challenges her master to a fight, Danny is surprised to learn that she is the master. During a few different encounters with Danny, Colleen brushes him off. She likes to keep her dojo, her classes, and her life free of any unknown quantities. Throughout the first part of the series, she avoids Danny and Ward Meachum, even when Ward offers to pay off her debts on the dojo.

When she starts to explore New York City's underground world of cage fighting, she challenges one man to a fight, then two, which you can watch in this clip here. Eventually, she teams with Danny to do some reconnaissance on The Hand, which lands her in the middle of his fight with them. Along the way, Colleen also befriends Defendersverse night nurse Claire Temple, who then takes combat lessons from Colleen. Colleen introduces Claire to Danny, which is when the pieces start to fall into place between Claire, Colleen, Danny, The Hand... and Daredevil.

Daughters of the Dragon History

Daughters of the Dragon

When Colleen is asked what she wants to be called in the cage fight, she replies, "Daughter of the Dragon," a direct reference to Colleen and Misty Knight's partnership in the comics. The Daughters of the Dragon made their first appearance in "Marvel Team-Up" #64 1977, by Chris Claremont and Marshall Rogers, and frequently teamed with Luke Cage and Danny Rand in both "Heroes for Hire" and "Power Man and Iron Fist." They've appeared in at least 96 different comic book issues, ranging from their own series, to "X-Force," to "Fantastic Four." Their company, Nightwing Restorations, has served as a detective agency and a bail bonds place.

During the "Daughters of the Dragon" series, they faced-off against some C-level villains in 8-Ball, Freezer Burn and Celia Ricadonna. Though not a major comic book player, Ricadonna would actually make a fantastic villain for them to fight in a stand-alone television series. In the comics, Ricadonna was a billion-dollar CEO who became a crime lord in New York City. She was responsible for the death of numerous clients of the Daughter's company, and thanks to her bioelectrical implants, was an extremely deadly combatant. She also carried an adamantium sword, which made her twice as deadly. Theoretically, if Misty does ever get her bionic arm, an enhanced female antagonist like Ricadonna would make the perfect adversary for the Daughters to fight. She and Misty could fight hand-to-hand, she and Colleen could fight sword-to-sword.

Colleen & Misty Deserve a Spin-off

There's already precedent for a supporting Netflix character to get his or her own series; Jon Bernthal, who played Frank Castle on "Daredevil" Season 2, will star in "The Punisher" later this year. This spin-off was announced only five weeks after Frank's debut on "Daredevil," and will be released ahead of both "Jessica Jones" Season 2 and "Daredevil" Season 3. It makes sense then, that if the Punisher could get his own series, so should the equally compelling Colleen Wing and Misty Knight. Heck, Misty, who made her Marvel/Netflix debut in "Luke Cage," earned nearly as much screen time as Power Man himself in that series.

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Teaming these women up for a series would got a long way in correcting some stereotypes currently in play in the television world. Currently, no superhero shows (Marvel or otherwise) star women of color. While both "Supergirl" and "Jessica Jones" are wonderful shows, it's past time for a studio like Marvel to greenlight a series that stars a female lead (or two!) with a diverse background. Beyond the importance of shattering that glass ceiling, however, a "Daughters of the Dragon" show would be a great compliment to the growing Netflix line-up. Perhaps the series could be introduced as a full-on spinoff of the long-theorized "Heroes for Hire" series fans hope Netflix will announce.

The bottom line is, both Colleen and Misty are confirmed to appear next in "The Defenders," with no word on their future Marvel/Netflix appearances after that. Let's hope their future is one that finds them side by side, battling evil in Hell's Kitchen and beyond.

"Iron Fist" is now available to stream worldwide on Netflix.

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