Iron Fist's Cancellation May Be the Best Thing For the Hero

Despite the cliffhanger that ended the show's second season, Netflix's Iron Fist has been cancelled, although Marvel did make a point to note, "the immortal Iron Fist will live on." Star Finn Jones responded to the announcement with an Instagram post stating, "with every end is a new beginning."

And maybe he's right. No specific plans have been announced for the character but it's fairly safe to assume that Danny Rand and Colleen Wing will continue to make appearances the other Marvel Netflix shows. To some, this might look like a sad end for Danny and Colleen, but it isn't. In fact, this cancellation may turn out to be the best thing that could have happened to Iron Fist.

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Iron Fist's first season followed Danny as he returned to New York City after spending 15 years growing up in the mystical city of K'un-Lun. Over the course of the season, he would have to adapt to this new world, learning how to preserve his family's legacy while fulfilling his duty as the immortal Iron Fist. The series was seen by critics and audiences alike as the weakest of the four leading up to The Defenders, with criticisms generally aimed at Finn's performance, the weak plot and lackluster villains.

The second season saw the return of Davos, who sought to take the iron fist for himself out of arrogance and a desire to fulfil the destiny his parents had forced him to believe was his. The season saw massive improvements to the series from the quality of each actor's performance to action sequences and plot. It was a strong entry in this lesser universe, but it apparently wasn't enough. The foundations that had been laid down in the firs season were simply too weak to support the second, no matter how improved it might be.

So maybe Iron Fist isn't strong enough to carry a standalone series, but that doesn't mean Danny Rand isn't worth keeping around in the MCU. Maybe he just needs a little help.

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