Iron Day Has Arrived: "Iron and the Maiden" On Sale

Official Press Release

After years of conceptual development and production, the action adventure series Iron and the Maiden is available today, August 1 st , as guaranteed with the release of Iron and the Maiden #1 from Aspen Comics. From the brilliant mind of Jason Rubin, creator of the multi-million-selling franchises Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter , and featuring character designs from industry icons Joe Madureira and Jeff Matsuda, Iron and the Maiden offers a comic experience never seen before. Along with the visionary character design-work, Blur Studios provided background and concept designs, with color designs by Chris Lichtner. Bringing all the conceptual elements to life through the pencils are Francis Manapul with Joel Gomez and colors by Danimation. Creator Jason Rubin couldn't be happier with the team he assembled to conceive Iron and the Maiden :

I've worked with some talented artists in my years making video games, but I'd hold this creative team up against any I've ever had the privilege of cooperating with on a project.

Iron and the Maiden #1 is available now guaranteed from Aspen Comics along with all subsequent books in the four-issue mini-series. Issue one features a jam cover by character designers Joe Mad and Jeff Matsuda, with 50/50 split covers by series artist Francis Manapul and Joe Madureira and Jeff Matsuda. Iron and the Maiden #1 also features a retailer-incentive cover by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald. Aspen Editor-In-Chief Vince Hernandez talks about the creative talent on the book:

"The artists assembled on this project represent the industry's top talents and we couldn't be happier to have them produce a top flight Aspen book. Iron and the Maiden will surprise a ton of people-even some loyal Aspen readers as its like nothing seen before. Most importantly, we're pleased to be able to guarantee the release of every issue of the series on time for fans."

Each individual issue will be jam-packed with 28 pages of pulse-pounding story and loaded with extra content including an exclusive look at the massive undertaking of the development of Iron and the Maiden . For more details and information on Iron and the Maiden, check www.aspencomics.com .

Series artist Francis Manapul will be celebrating IRON DAY with fans in his hometown at Paradise Comics in Toronto. Check www.paradisecomics.com for more details on the Francis Manapul IRON DAY signing to get your copy of Iron and the Maiden #1 signed!

In addition to the launch of Iron and the Maiden on IRON DAY, the official website for the property is now live at www.IronandtheMaiden.com . Fans can check out the entire Iron world here and even purchase exclusive Iron and the Maiden merchandise!

Iron and the Maiden continues with the release of Iron and the Maiden #2-Guaranteed in stores on September 6 th ! Here's a special sneak peek look at Iron and the Maiden #2!

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