iPhone owners prefer Superman, Android users side with Batman

As fierce as the showdown may be next year between Batman and Superman, it pales in comparison to the rivalry between iPhone and Android users. But among smartphone owners, which superhero comes out on top?

Yahoo Research posed that question -- OK, and some others as well -- to 1,000 smartphone users, evenly split between iOS and Android. Asked which superhero they'd prefer to be, 37 percent chose Superman, with iPhone users leaning more toward the Man of Steel; 25 percent went with Batman, who was more favored by Android owners.

But here's the interesting part: A full 26 percent said they'd rather be Wonder Woman.

Asked what they'd do with their superpowers, 45 percent of iPhone fans said they'd stop crime, versus Android owners' 37 percent. Make of this what you will, but more Google devotees (22 percent) than Apple users (17 percent) leaned toward becoming evil dictators.

And, just in case you're wondering, precisely half of respondents said Star Wars is the greatest sci-fi movie franchise of all time, with Star Trek trailing at second with 20 percent (with slightly more iPhone users siding with Star Wars, and more Android owners going with Star Trek).

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