io9 to Become Part of Gizmodo

Popular blog site io9 will soon became a part of tech blog Gizmodo, as confirmed via Twitter by io9 Editor-in-Chief Charlie Jane Anders, following multiple online reports. The move is part of a larger restructuring of io9's parent company Gawker Media, with a main goal of focusing on politics.

"FYI, io9 and Gizmodo have been getting closer since January," Anders wrote. "We'll still exist as part of Gizmodo, and I'm still EiC." In other tweets, Anders clarified that io9 will become a "section" of Gizmodo, and that eventually (it's not yet clear when) io9.com will redirect to a Gizmodo subsite, though "all the old articles will remain online." The merging of io9 and Gizmodo has actually been in the works for months, as the sites have shared teams since January.

io9 launched in 2008, and covers science fiction, fantasy, comic books, science and technology. Defamer, a notable celebrity gossip site, and Valleywag, a blog covering Silicon Valley, will also shutter as part of the restructuring.

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