The Invisible Man Adds Insidious: Chapter 3 Director, Loses Johnny Depp

While Universal's plans for a shared cinematic horror universe, formerly dubbed Dark Universe, may have been shelved, the studio is moving forward with its planned reboot of The Invisible Man.

Leigh Whannell, who previously directed Insidious: Chapter Three and last year's Upgrade, has signed on to direct and produce the horror movie along with Jason Blum through the latter's acclaimed production company Blumhouse Productions.

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The announcement of Whannell joining the production also comes with the news that actor Johnny Depp has dropped out of the project after being attached to star in February 2016. Following the disappointing response to 2017's The Mummy, Universal quietly cancelled its plans for shared cinematic universe linked by Russell Crowe's Doctor Jekyll/Mister Hyde, with writer Ed Solomon departing the project January of last year.

Whannell's upcoming reboot is not expected to be part of a shared universe, as such the studio has not imposed restrictions on rating or content with the film reported to be more of a horror film as opposed to the greater emphasis on action-adventure present in The Mummy in a failed effort to appeal to broader audiences.

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