Invincible, Superman, Ghost Rider, Sin City: The Comic Reel Wrap for March 2nd


Variety reports that Robert Kirkman's teen superhero phenomenon from Image Comics has been optioned by Paramount Pictures for an undisclosed fee. The film is being seen as the start of a potential franchise, and has "Constantine" producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura on board. Kirkman will write the film's story.


Screenwriter Dan Harris talked to Ain't It Cool News about what's happening with the Brandon Routh-fueled DC adaptation. "Well, my lips are sealed with duct tape, but I can say that we're all beyond thrilled with how it's going. Mike Dougherty and I just delivered our sixth draft of the script, and we start shooting on March 11. We're living in Sydney -- the art looks amazing, the sets are amazing, the actors are amazing. It's Bryan's domain to reveal secrets of the story -- the only thing I can say is that there are many secrets to the story, and that we confidently think we're making a truly great film."

Also, composer John Ottman talked to Superman-V.com about plans to score the film (which he hasn't even seen the script on, as of yet).


As "Batman Begins" was king of set leaks last year, Nic Cage's superhero project seems poised to take on that role for 2005. Superhero Hype has more spy reports from Melbourne, chatting up the film. One writes, "I overheard Bennett Walsh mention that Ghost Rider would turn left into the alleyway, to begin the scene, and just where the camera should be postioned. We also had the stunt cycle ride past us, and man is it loud! It's low ridden, with a huge front end and exhaust on the rear. I'm not into motorcycles, but damn do I LOVE this bike! We saw a stand-in in a large black trenchcoat, whose job it was to stand in the middle of the alleyway of the set, facing the bike. He was dressed in denim jeans, the trenchcoat and black shirt. I'm thinking he was the stand-in for either Blackheart or Caretaker, but I cannot be sure." They also have a partial list of prestigious crew members.


Superhero Hype also has some quotes from Dutch actor Rutger Hauer who talks about his two comic book movie roles. Of his involvement with the Frank Miller adaptation, Hauer said he plays, "a kind of master of the absurd, a cardinal who is beyond wicked. This movie is so damn interesting and daring. And you know Robert Rodriguez resigned from the Directors Guild when they wouldn't allow him to have Frank Miller co-direct it with him. It had to be painful. For that, my chapeau goes off to him."

As for his time in Gotham City, Hauer said that Nolan has totally reinvented the Batman story. This is more human. It's more character-driven. It's closer to the skin. That doesn't mean it's not a big fiction story with quite a bit of effects going on." Hauer's role as CEO of Wayne Industries is one of many who helps transform the young Bruce Wayne into the Dark Knight Detective.

Also, Sci Fi Wire notes that the film will be released in IMAX format on the same day as the general theatrical release, June 17th.

Finally, Inland Empire Strikes Back has an image gallery of toys from the film, which will show you some of what to expect on screen.


Speaking of toys, Comics Continuum has an extensive look at toys planned for a staggered release, based on the Marvel adaptation.


Both the Marvel Gateway and Superhero Hype have reports on the Marvel conference call where they discussed many movie plans, including "Luke Cage," "Deathlok," a break for the Man Without Fear, a finished script for Frank Castle and much more.


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