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Robert Kirkman recently announced that his long-running indie superhero comic "Invincible" will be getting a film adaptation from Universal Studios. It was stated that Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, who brought "Preacher" to AMC, would be writing and directing the film. This is exciting news indeed as fans have been asking about an "Invincible" adaptation for years, but who to cast in it? CBR has got some choices we think "Invincible" fans will love.

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Before we get to our casting choices, let's establish a few loose rules: First, the actors must be close to their characters' ages, or at the very least, appear to be that age. Second, no actors already tied to current big franchises; this way it's a bit more realistic that they would be cast. Lastly, we're mostly shooting for characters who appear in the first hardcover, since that's what's most likely to be adapted for the first film.


Ryan Potter Invincible

Ryan Potter is perhaps best known for voicing Hiro Hamada in Disney's "Big Hero 6." And while we did say no actors tied to franchises, voice acting is a bit different, since the actor is not the face of a character. Plus, "Big Hero 6" seems to have been somewhat downgraded from film franchise to animated series, so its not quite as big as a film series.

Now, before you start furiously writing comments, let us explain our choice a bit. First off, Ryan Potter is very young-looking, which is a good thing. Mark is a teenager when he first gets his powers, still working his way through high school. Wouldn't it make sense to have a young actor who can grow into the role much like Mark grows into his role as a superhero? As for the actor's ethnicity, Mark is never explicitly depicted as white and in fact could be mixed race. "Invincible" was known breaking superhero genre tropes and conventions, so what would be more "Invincible" than breaking the long line of white superheroes in film with an actor of asian decent?


Omni-Man John Hamm

Jon Hamm has gone on record saying that he prefers not to take superhero roles as he doesn't want to be tied down to one character for years, so maybe this casting is wishful thinking. Regardless, we think he'd be a great Omni-Man, not just because he has the classic superhero-good-looks, but also because the role requires a lot of two-faced drama that Hamm has proved he has the chops for in "Mad Men."

Hamm is also the perfect age for Nolan, in his 40's and appearing to have a bit of age to him, but still with some youthfulness. With a little bit of grey dye and some good makeup, Hamm could look just like the Viltrumite superhero. Add in a mustache that would look epic on Hamm and he would be the spitting image of Nolan Grayson. Hopefully Jon Hamm changes his mind on doing a superhero franchise, because he would make a stellar Omni-Man.


Constance Wu Debbie Grayson

If we're casting Mark as an actor of Asian descent, then we think an asian mother would be a great way to further depict more diversity in an "Invincible" film adaptation. With that said, we think Constance Wu is the perfect choice for Debbie Grayson. Though Cory Walker — co-creator of "Invincible" and artist of the first seven issues — didn't design her as Asian, a lot of fans viewed her as such, so let's give them what they want.

While she may be a bit young-looking to have a teenaged son, Wu has had experience playing a mom on the ABC sitcom "Fresh Off The Boat." We think this makes her a great choice for Debbie since, at least at the beginning of "Invincible," Debbie Grayson is depicted with aspects of cliche sitcom moms, with her "that's nice dear's" and worry-warting. Perhaps she might need to be aged up a bit using makeup, but Wu has got the acting skills to portray the wife of the worlds greatest superhero.


Bella Thorne Atom-Eve

Casting a film like this is best done using a lot of new or not well known stars to fill the roles and give them a much-needed profile boost. Bella Thorne, much like Ryan Potter, has had very little work outside Disney, but she would make a perfect Atom Eve. She has the perfect look — a long-shaped face, the long flowing locks of hair and the plump pouty lips. Give her Eve's big earrings and an all-pink suit, and she'd look just like the matter-manipulating bombshell.

Thorne is also the perfect age to play a teenager in high school, as the young actress is still 19, and would age well into her role much in the same way Potter might. Though we are starting to see Thorne in more work, a superhero franchise role could really help her career, especially if an "Invincible" movie gains fans of both comics and of other superhero films. Her recent success proves that she's a great actress, and since she looks just like the character, she'd make an amazing Atom Eve candidate.


Atom Eve is part of Teen Team, Invincible's first superhero team-up that also includes the likes of Robot, Rex Splode, and Dupli-Kate. If you couldn't guess what the latter two's powers are, Rex Splode can charge objects and cause them to explode, while Dupli-Kate can make copies of herself. Rex was dating Eve when Invincible first met the team, but he eventually cheated on her with Kate and would go on to have a short-lived relationship with her.

Though these two might not have a huge part in the first "Invincible" film, they're still important characters that need to be established. For Rex, we think Dave Franco would be the perfect match, while Kimiko Glenn would make a great Kate. While Franco is 31, there's really no other person for the role — no one else can play the smarmy jerk that is Rex Splode. As for Glenn, she has proven her acting abilities in "Orange is the New Black" and could easily fit into the duplicating superhero role.


Okay hear us out on this one. The role of Robot would of course be done with some sort of special effect, be it C.G. or really good animatronics, so this is more of a voice role than anything. With that in mind, comedian Demetri Martin is perfect. He's shown great acting skills in movies like "In A World" and his self-directed independent film "Dean." Furthermore, for those of you who don't know, Martin also voices the stoic Ice Bear on Cartoon Network's "We Bare Bears." The character speaks very logically and robotically, and Martin's deadpan comedic style would be perfect for the intelligent, if not a bit cocky, robotic superhero.

If Rogan and Goldberg decide to go with some sort of motion capture C.G.I. effect for Robot, Martin could be good for it as well. That being said, someone like Doug Jones or Andy Serkis might do a more efficient job. It would be interesting to see how Robot is depicted, since he might end up being several actors together similar to "Deadpool's" approach to Colossus.


Allen the Alien Dwayne Johnson

C'mon, it's perfect: that smirk, the muscles, the jaw-line. It's like he was made for the role. Yes, yes, we know we said no actors attached to franchises, but we had to break that rule for this one. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is set to be Black Adam in a "Shazam" film, and even in his own solo film. To be fair, Warner Brothers' "Batman has changed directors and release dates several times, The Flash has lost three directors, similar to Aquaman, and their first three films — "Man of Steel," "BvS" and "Suicide Squad" — have received less than stellar reviews despite box-office success. We can't say anything for sure, but it appears the "Shazam" films could easily fall through. Further, it was just announced that MCU Thanos actor is set to play Cable in "Deadpool 2," so anything is possible.

With all that said, The Rock would be an amazing Allen, not only because he'd look perfect as him with C.G.I., but also because they're both just lovable buff fellas. Johnson is also known to bring plenty of charisma to each of his roles, making him the only choice to play the Unopan.


The Immortal Keanu Reeves

There's a joke amongst the internet that Keanu Reeves is immortal, both because he hasn't aged much since his first films, and because there are a number of historical paintings and portraits of eerily similar-looking people throughout history. Wether or not the "John Wick" actor is actually immortal is up to you, but since the guy appears ageless, we think he'd make a great Immortal in an "Invincible" movie.  Plus, the man can grow a pretty sweet beard, which is exactly what the character needs.

The Immortal is an immortal superhero (duh) who serves on and off as a member of the Guardians of the Globe, a parody of the Justice League in "Invincible." The character has been alive for centuries, has fought in plenty of wars and even lead the country as president at one point — if you haven't read the comic, we'll let you guess which one. We think Reeves would have a lot of fun with the role, getting to play an arrogant over-experienced superhero with a bit of a temper.


Guardians of the Globe Cameos

This ones a bit of a silly one, so don't take it too seriously. As previously mentioned, the Guardians of the Globe are a Justice-League-type superhero team consisting of parodies of DC superheroes. Amongst them are satirical versions of Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. These heroes go by the names of Darkwing (not to be confused with the duck), War Woman and Red Rush (which is surprisingly not the name of an energy drink).

We thought it would be a fun cameo of sorts to use the original TV actors of the characters that inspired these parodies — Adam West, Lynda Carter, and John Wesley Shipp. Of course, with the age differences, they would have to be "aged-down" using CGI, but if it were only for a few appearances, it could be worth the fun cameo to include the iconic actors. Seriously, what better way to give the actors the tribute they deserve while still staying true to the inspiration of the global guardians?


Speaking of the Guardians of the Globe, one of the superheroes who eventually joins their ranks is a young girl by the name of Amanda, who goes by Monster Girl. This name is fitting since Amanda can turn into a giant green orc-like monster. Unfortunately, the very same thing that gives her this power is also causing her to age backwards, the result. Amanda was originally a teenager who was cursed while on a class trip in Europe, resulting in her current situation.

Millie Bobbie Brown, known for her "Stranger Things" role as Eleven would be a perfect fit for the sassy, powerful girl. We've already seen Brown play powerful in "Stranger Things" — since her character could, you know, flip cars with her mind — and she clearly has the acting range to act like an adult in a child's body. Plus she has the menacing scowl down, looking like a force to be reckoned with in the hit Netflix series.


Invincible fan casting side characters

They're called "side characters" for a reason, folks, they don't garner a full entry. That being said, we have a few great choices for the role of William, Mark's best friend, Amber, Mark's first girlfriend, and Art, tailor to the superhero community.

For William, we've got another star of "Stranger Things:" Joe Keery. The actor — who played Steve Harrington — has just the right amount of jerkiness to play Mark's jerk-y and eccentric best friend. Mark and William both attend the same high school, which is also where Mark meets his first girlfriend, Amber. We think rising star Skyler Samuels (we know we're choosing a lot of Disney stars) would make a great "girl next door" for Mark, as the character is somewhat based on comic girlfriends like Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane. Lastly, we think "Better Call Saul" actor Bob Odenkirk would be a fantastic Art, since he has been seen to both comedic and serious roles in both his "Breaking Bad" spinoff and in FX's "Fargo."


Though Nolan Grayson's civilian job is a somewhat successful sci-fi novelist, as Omni-Man he works for the U.S. government, specifically under the supervision of Cecil Stedman. Cecil is the head of the Global Defense Agency and is in charge of the Guardians of the Globe, directing Omni-Man where he needs to be — monster in Japan, chemical fire in New York, etc. — through an ear-piece.

Cecil is gruff, chewed up, charismatic, cut-throat, experienced and weathered all rolled into one. This is what makes long-time action star Bruce Willis a perfect choice. Willis has played so many agents, cops, and operatives that he basically has all the same experience as Stedman himself. Plus, just imagine everything Cecil says with Bruce Willis's voice and charismatic delivery, it's absolutely perfect. The character doesn't make a whole lot of appearances in the first hardcover of Invincible, but if Universal can get Willis for the part, he'd make a great Cecil Stedman for later films.


Terry Crews and Mauler Twins

The Mauler Twins are a pair of villains from the "Invincible" universe that are always up to something. Funny enough, they're not actually twins, they're clones. It's not always clear which is the clone of which, and this debate is often the subject of their bickering and arguments as they attempt to enact their villainous plans. The Mauler Twins were one of the first villains Mark stopped as Invincible and continue to be a big part of the "Invincible" universe in later issues.

Terry Crews is a football player turned actor who went on to star in movies and TV shows like "Brooklyn 99." Crews has both the physique and the comedic delivery to play the Maulers. Think about how hilarious it would be to see Crews bicker with himself in his yelling, intense voice, while at the same time spouting the brilliant scientific knowledge that the villains wield. There wouldn't even need to be any C.G.I. work beyond putting two of him in the same place, since some simple blue makeup would easily turn the buff actor into the Mauler Twins.


Angstrom Jaime Foxx

Angstrom Levy doesnt appear until the second Volume, and doesnt really become a villain until Volume 3, but he's a fan-favorite villain, so it would be a crime not to include him on the list. With that said, we think Jamie Foxx would make an excellent Angstrom, since he both looks exactly like the character and has such a large acting range.

The Oscar Award Winning actor is a prime candidate for a new superhero franchise role. Foxx's portrayal of Electro was really genuine, as he played it like a classic comic book villain, which is exactly what the role of Angstrom Levy needs. Angstrom has the power to travel between dimensions, but doesn't always know where he's gonna end up because he lacks information. In an attempt to combine the knowledge of his alternate selves into his own mind, an accident occurs that transforms him into a hideous brain mutant. Angstrom blames Invincible for the accident and seeks revenge in violent and excessive ways.


Conquest Rollins

Conquest is another villain that does not appear until much later in the comics, but since this all just speculative fan casting, we thought it best to give a "what-if" for the fan-favorite villain. It may be wishful thinking that the "Invincible" movie will garner enough sequels to get to the Conquest story arc, but CBR is hopeful enough to imagine who could play the detractive Viltrumite. We recommend Black Flag singer and part-time actor Henry Rollins.

Now this might be a weird one, but hear us out. Rollins is known for playing  AJ Weston on "Son's of Anarchy" and voiced Zahir in season 3 of "Legend of Korra." Rollins has shown to be an intense and menacing actor, both vocally and physically. Rollins might not be the tallest fellow, but he has the build, scowl, menacing energy and acting chops to depict the perfect Conquest. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Rollins would be easier to get for the role than other higher-profile actors. Of course, we have to wait and see if Conquest will even be part of the "Invincible" movie series, but lets hope Rogan and Goldberg choose someone like Rollins.

Tell us in the comments who you would cast in the "Invincible" movie!

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