"Invincible" #20 and #21 Sell Out at Image

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BERKELEY, CA -- 15 APRIL, 2005 -- Robert Kirkman's Image titles remain hot commodities, evidenced once again by the recent sellouts of both INVINCIBLE #20 and INVINCIBLE #21.

Recent interest in INVINCIBLE has spiked thanks to a number of factors, including the upcoming fifty-cent zero issue due in stores April 27, the INVINCIBLE hardcover in June and news of the upcoming INVINCIBLE film, which Kirkman is slated to script.

With both THE WALKING DEAD and INVINCIBLE flying off shelves, Kirkman is appreciative of the success, especially considering the early struggles this book went through.

"INVINCIBLE is the little book that could," says Kirkman. "We were close to cancellation a year ago and since then has fought its way back up and is now selling better with every issue. I couldn't be happier with its success. INVINCIBLE is my love letter to superhero comics. It's everything I'd want to do all thrown into one book. The way things are going it looks like I'll be able to write INVINCIBLE for a very long time and nothing could make me happier."

Kirkman is also quick to point out the role artist Ryan Ottley and colorist Bill Crabtree have had in the title's growing success.

"Ryan Ottley and Bill Crabtree continue to kick ass on each and every page," says the writer. "I'd be a fool not to realize what a huge part they play in the book's continued success. Ryan has quickly become a fan favorite, and you'd be hard pressed to find someone not in love with Bill's colors. I'm lucky to have landed these guys."

Image Comics Executive Director Eric Stephenson sees the success of INVINCIBLE as proof that great comics will find their audience, if given a fair chance.

"In many cases, one of the biggest challenges for new material in the current comics marketplace is sticking around long enough for readers to discover it's available," says Stephenson. "We've always had faith in INVINCIBLE, though, and we're pleased that more and more readers are finally realizing what a fantastic comic this is."

In addition to the announced sellouts, INVINCIBLE #22, due out next week, has just been delivered to Diamond for shipping, and looks to sell out even faster than the previous two issues.

With that in mind, readers are advised to check with their local shops to see if recent issues of INVINCIBLE are still left on the shelves.

INVINCIBLE focuses on the life of teenager Mark Grayson, the son of the world's greatest superhero, as he deals with the development of his own powers, and finds his life turned upside down in the process. INVINCIBLE was nominated (along with Kirkman's other continuing Image Comics series, THE WALKING DEAD) for a 2004 Eisner award for Best New Series.

INVINCIBLE: THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION, VOL. 1 hardcover is solicited in the April issue of Diamond PREVIEWS, and goes on sale June 8. INVINCIBLE #24 is also solicited in the April PREVIEWS, and goes on sale June 15.

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