Investigating the "Strange Cases"

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This August the creator behind modern horror classic 30 Days of Night, Steve Niles, taps into our deepest fears with the multi-media experience STRANGE CASES.

Conceived by Niles, this four-issue miniseries focuses on a disparate group of men and women who hunt what frightens humanity most as they're drawn to Holcomb Manor, a legendary nexus for all things supernatural. Immediately upon arrival our starring slayers are given an offer they may not live long enough to refuse. Along the way, established horror icons – Val Helsing, Kolchak and Cal MacDonald among them – are twisted in ways even the most dedicated reader would never see coming.

The STRANGE CASES franchise is first brought to the comic book world by well-known horror aficionados writer Dan Wickline and artist David Hartman. Dan made his splash on the comic book world by scripting the 30 Days series, Spreading the Disease, while David scared the world over with his haunting visuals for Rob Zombie's American Witch video.

As mentioned, this property is not limited to the printed page as the people responsible for bringing the decade-long killer app Madden NFL to EA Games, D2C, who are on board to bring the concepts to life digitally.

"This title marks D2C Games first foray into graphic novels," said Scott Orr, President & CEO of D2C Games. "Steve and Dan have done a fantastic job of creating a hot new franchise that will also appear as a digital video comic as well as console and handheld games in the future."

The cross-media nature of STRANGE CASES is something Steve Niles has wanted to do for some time.

"This is something we couldn't do 10 or 15 years ago," explains Niles."With the increased popularity in long running shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the monster hunter has taken a place of prominence."

STEVE NILES' STRANGE CASES, a full color series, debuts at comic book shops everywhere August 1st for $2.99.

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