Inuyasha: 5 Strongest Characters On The Show ( & 5 Weakest)

Inuyasha is an iconic manga/anime series beloved by many for its eclectic mix of characters, the supernatural action, and its underlying romantic plot. It's a classic that has spawned a handful of films, multiple video games, and even a light novel.

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Inuyasha provides an entertaining journey brimming with demons and plenty of protagonists who are properly equipped for the challenges they pose. However, several of the characters we encounter in the story would be better suited for a more tame life outside of this feudal adventure. Here are the 5 strongest characters on the Inuyasha anime and 5 who should've perhaps sat this one out.

10 Weakest: Miroku

We appreciated Miroku for being a brave and supportive part of Inuyasha's team. He sacrificed his own well-being time and time again for the greater good while also being incredibly kind. Sure, he was a pervert who constantly pursued women, but he never meant any harm and hated pointless confrontations.

That being said, Miroku's abilities were never fully up to par with those of his stronger teammates. He was human, so he was susceptible to some expected vulnerabilities like blood loss and aging. Though impressive in their own way, his spiritual powers were still far below those of characters like Kikyo. Wind Tunnel, a curse placed on his family by Naraku, was his most prominent flaw. The hole placed in the middle of Miroku's hand would grow in size over the course of time to consume him. As a weapon, it was balanced by the fact that extended use would wear him out.

9 Strongest: Kagome

Kagome might not have been the most impressive character at first, but the massive amount of spiritual power residing within her was the key to her survival. This was largely due to Kikyo, who we'll discuss later on. Upon learning that she was the reincarnation of a powerful priestess, Kagome evolved as a marksman and an archer. These skills proved handy later in the series.

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Despite having several weaknesses, Kagome was capable of purification, spiritual energy protection, and spiritual reflection. There was also the fact that she could time travel, which seems trivial at first, but it's what triggers the entire chain of events in Inuyasha.

8 Weakest: Ayame

Ayame appeared exclusively in the anime, though she was mentioned by name in the manga. She was introduced as Koga's future wife that he had incidentally forgotten all about, so she took it upon herself to pursue her fellow wolf demon. She was dedicated, bright, and perceptive, but she wasn't very powerful.

Ayame's unlimited stock of green leaves worked as weapons where she could throw them like an endless string of shurikens. Like Koga, she could generate whirlwinds with the green leaves, but she wasn't as fast or as formidable. When her wolf tribe was targeted by Kyokotsu, Koga had to step in and help defeat the monster.

7 Strongest: Kikyo

As Kagome's mightier "other half," so to speak, Kikyo was a respected priestess with impeccable spiritual abilities. She was so noticeably strong that she was entrusted with keeping the Shikon Jewel safe from demons. While her phenomenal archery skills were no laughing matter, her mystical powers were the core of her strength.

Kikyo could cast away an ordinary demon with a single move and could summon spiritual attacks at will from her fingers. She could erect barriers or shields, purify malevolent forces, and even paralyze other characters. Kikyo was also an adept healer and held a considerable amount of knowledge regarding medicinal herbs.

6 Weakest: Ginta/Hakkaku

Ginta and Hakkaku were Koga's wolf demon friends and traveling companions. The pair were like Jaken in the sense that they were unwaveringly loyal to their leader and could be easily frightened. However, the two friends weren't as bright as the imp and lacked the intelligence to be useful beyond physical attacks.

Ginta and Hakkaku might have been weaker links within the series, but the likable friends managed to acquire their own set of fans. Many viewers adored the sensitive wolf demons even though they weren't as formidable as their leader, but that's what made them so charming. They weren't powerful, but they did their best and that's admirable enough on its own.

5 Strongest: Inuyasha

Though not the most daunting member of his family, the titular character was an intimidatingly powerful half-demon. He possessed a keen sense of smell, had excellent hearing abilities, and could rapidly recover from serious injuries. His physical strength was a force to be reckoned with, but his stamina, speed, and reflexes were also heightened.

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In terms of offense, Inuyasha favored his sharp claws and his Tetsusaiga, the latter being his signature weapon. Though he wasn't always the best swordsman, his skills improved as the story progressed. When his full-blown demonic form took over, Inuyasha was even more aggressive, which was fueled by a destructive rage within him.

4 Weakest: Shippo

Shippo was, without a doubt, the weakest member of Inuyasha's team. We appreciated Shippo's bravery and loyalty, but his lack of raw power meant he had to resort to causing distractions before fleeing. Nonetheless, sometimes these diversions worked to buy some time while his companions executed a plan.

Shippo utilized an array of toy-like weapons for various purposes. His spinning top was his most famous item, though it mostly served as a way to escape from enemies. His foxfire ability was weak, but he could use it to neutralize enemy fire or as a source of light in dark areas.

3 Strongest: Naraku

Naraku's story was a long and complicated one that involved many incarnations and a lot of destruction. He was a cruel and manipulative character that caused the initial conflict between Inuyasha and Kikyo, which led to the pair attacking each other. He was brilliant and strategic, but his list of physical talents was even more impressive.

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Naraku could control an army of wasps from Hell that packed a poisonous sting capable of killing both humans and demons. He could shape-shift at will, which is how he generated the aforementioned hostility between Inuyasha and Kikyo. He possessed immense demonic power and could even absorb other demons and their abilities. All in all, Naraku was a headache of an antagonist.

2 Weakest: Jaken

Jaken had a rather big mouth for someone so small and vulnerable. The imp's unyielding loyalty to Sesshomaru was fueled by admiration and gratefulness, but he oftentimes spoke aggressively on his master's behalf. He knew he was safe as long as Sesshomaru protected him.

Though he was granted a flamethrower-type weapon (Nintojo) by his master, Jaken was still incredibly fragile and cowardly. He was intelligent and had great intuition, but suffered from bouts of impulsiveness and arrogance. The imp's size and physical weakness didn't pair well with his smugness, thus rendering him either a laughable character or a frustrating presence.

1 Strongest: Sesshomaru

While his half-brother Inuyasha was competent in his own right, Sesshomaru was a pure-blooded demon, which meant he was automatically leaps and bounds more powerful than the titular character. His strength, reflexes, speed, and stamina were all superior to Inuyasha's.

Sesshomaru was an extraordinary swordsman and could wield his Tenseiga with one hand, whereas his half-brother needed to use both hands. Then again, Sesshomaru didn't require a weapon to overpower his enemies; he was a skilled combatant capable of prevailing even while missing an arm. He had a slew of attacks in his arsenal, including Poison Claws and a Light Whip efficient enough to puncture armor and flesh.

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