Inuyasha: 5 Anime Heroes He Could Beat (& 5 He Would Get Crushed By)

Inuyasha is a half human, half-demon hybrid, born of a great demon father and a human mother. Inuyasha has shown remarkable skills ever since his younger days due to his impressive physique. This natural talent is explained by Inuyasha's heritage, which gives added vitality, endurance, strength, speed, etc.

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Inuyasha is a seasoned combatant who's had to fight for most of his life. He's also a skilled and dependable fighter who often pushes his body past its limits in order to claim victory. With that in mind, here are 5 anime heroes he can easily defeat, and 5 more who he can't.


Saitama is lauded by anime fans as the undefeatable and titular One Punch Man, given his supernatural punching force. Saitama is a being powerful enough to defeat most of his opponents using a single punch.

Once upon a time, Saitama was an average human who didn't have any significant power but, after undergoing consistent training, he broke his limiters and became unfathomably strong. Most of Saitama's power comes from the fact that he is a gag character, meaning there is no chance of Inuyasha defeating him.


Yato from Noragami is a former God of War who reinvented himself as a God of Fortune and Happiness, after he had grown tired of the bloodstained lifestyle of his past. Whilst a God of War, Yato built up quite the reputation and, as such, he is feared by many of the God of Fortunes that he interacts with in the current day.

As a God of War, Yato has exceptional physical, weapon and tactical mastery which would ensure Inuyasha is fully challenged. However, Inuyasha's destructive power and speed surpasses that of Yato, which could give him the upper hand that is needed to find victory.


Sasuke Uchiha is one of the few survivors of the Uchiha Clan massacre that was undertaken by Itachi Uchiha, under the orders of Leaf Village. For much of his life, Sasuke sought vengeance against his brother for this crime, but after killing his brother and learning the truth, he decides to turn his anger at the Leaf Village.

Fortunately, Naruto fought in the village's stead and was able to convince Sasuke to work with the village and not against it. Sasuke's Mangekyo Sharingan abilities means that Inuyasha would have it incredibly difficult to mount an offense due to the potency of Sasuke's Genjutsu.


Kite was a Hunter that served as Ging's disciple, as well as Gon's master on a couple occasions. Kite played a significant role during the Chimera Ant arc before dying. His death played a critical role in the plot of Hunter X Hunter, with many fans citing his death as a major turning point of the arc.

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Kite is a weapons master and using his Nen ability, Crazy Slot, he can materialize different types of weapons which Kite use to deadly effect. After being reborn, Kite is currently weaker than he was in his prime, which means a battle against Inuyasha would be a step too far at this present time.


Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach is a part time shinigami and the father to Kazui Kurosaki. Ichigo initially became a substitute shinigami in his teenage years, when he aquired the ability due to a ritual done by Rukia Kuchiki. As a substitute shinigami, Ichigo faced many challenges which shaped him into the person he currently is.

These hardships caused Ichigo to constantly evolve and, along the way, he showed many powerful forms with various slashing abilities. This marks him as an ideal opponent for Inuyasha who is also a swordsman. The two seem even in terms of swordsmanship, but Ichigo's heightened physical abilities gives him the advantage.


Casshern is the series protagonist of Casshern Sins. Casshern was a robot created with the purpose of  creating further robot life, but after several trials, he was deemed a failure. As such, Casshern's purpose was changed and, for a long time, he was used as a mindless murder machine.

He would go around and leave untold devastation in his wake, without ever really knowing or understanding why. As a robot, Casshern has many mechanical reinforcements but Inuyasha has chopped through many a metal in his lifetime, insinuating that he can cut clean through Casshern if given the opportunity.


Kenshin Himura, the star of Rurouni Kenshin, is one of anime's most legendary swordsmen. During the Meiji Restoration, word spread about a dangerous samurai who was believed to be undefeatable. This samurai was given the nickname The Man Slayer, due to how efficient he had become in disposing of his enemies.

After the war, Kenshin saw the light and became a much more kind and loving human, but his skills has not waned. Kenshin might not be as physically strong as Inuyasha, but his technique and sword skills are enough to cut down any enemy, including Inuyasha.


Tanjiro is the series protagonist of Demon Slayer. After having his family violently killed and his sister turned into a demon, Tanjiro begins a long journey in which he becomes a Demon Slayer in hopes of finding the secret to turning his sister back into a human, as well as to defeat the demon, Muzan Kibutsuji.

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So far, Tanjiro has enhanced his natural skills by using the Breathe of Water and the Dance of the Fire God. Tanjiro's abilities would be especially potent against a half-demon like Inuyasha but, ultimately, the half-demon should be able to overpower Tanjiro.


Guts of Berserk fame travels around the world slaying the nefarious demons that lurk within the shadows. On his journey, he has lost countless comrades and, after being betrayed by his former best friend, Guts was left on the verge of death.

Despite those hardships and more, Guts built himself back up from scratch and displayed abilities that made him stand out as, not only one of the strongest anime leads, but also easily one of the most interesting. Guts has slain many demons in his time and, should he face off against Inuyasha, he would surely be adding to the growing list of casualties.


The protagonist of Attack on Titan and the child of Grisha and Carla Yeager, Eren is a former member of the Survey Corps, having served as a part of 104th training corps. Eren has the ability to shift into a titan that grants him great power, which he's so far used to help humanity in his own way.

Eren's titan form grants him a massive power boost, but its size would make him an easier target for Inuyasha who is capable of easily slicing through Eren, even if he uses his hardening ability. Of course, this means Inuyasha would claim victory.

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