Introducing Thrill House Comics And Their New Line Up

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Official Press Release

Many companies strive to make you believe that they are different from the other publishing houses around them. They are somehow better, stronger, faster.

THRILL-HOUSE COMICS wouldn't exist if the stories of DC Comics and Marvel Entertainment hadn't inspired us to be here or the stories of Warren publishing or EC Comics hadn't shocked us, sending goose bumps up and down our spines.

Our inspirations also come from another common source. The silver screen and the cathode-ray tube. The pulp paperback and the epic novel. We are all drinking from the same wells, but we are all individuals with different genes and different backgrounds that make up who we are and how we synthesize information and ideas.

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We're not here to say we're better than any one else. In fact, we are here to say that we have been immersed in all these wonderful fantastic trips into the imagination that you have and we want to share our inspirations, ideas and dreams.

Thrill-House Comics are a synthesis of everything that has inspired our imaginations over the last hundred years or so. By combining fantastic adventure with iconic imagery, we hope to continue with the tradition of the industry's pioneers.

Working with original stories from famed writer-producer Ronald Shusett (Alien, Total Recall, Minority Report), company President Michael Town has teamed with industry veteran Dave Elliott to develop the debut comics: First, Shusett has teamed up with artist Steve Pugh to bring us "Shark-Man", a "futuristic throwback" placing the super-hero genre squarely against a science fiction backdrop; Next, Shusett teams with painter Alex Horley to bring us the Frazetta-inspired "Cryptid", created by Michael Todd, that chronicles the adventures of a professional game-tracker hired to find the Abominable Snowman. For the past 10 years Michael Todd has created CG characters, props and environments while working at Sony Pictures Imageworks, Walt Disney Feature Animation and Dreamworks Animation. His credits include: Reign of Fire, Shark Tale, Kangaroo Jack, Dungeons and Dragons and Spider-Man.

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