Introducing Garth Medors, inker extraordinaire

There's a pretty touching item up for auction on eBay right now, with proceeds going to artist Josh Medors, who has cancer. The description of the item says:

Spiderman drawn by Dave Finch, printed blue line, with inks by Garth Medors, Artist Josh Medors 10 year old son. David Finch is one of Josh's favorite artist, so Garth picked out a piece by David Finch to try out his inking skills. This is the first time Garth has showed any interest in art. After Garth finished inking the piece he came to me and said "Mom I want to put it up for auction to help Dad fight his cancer." So with that said Garth is auctioning off his first inks to help his Dad.

The price is currently over $500, and the auction ends April 3.

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