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What's worse than standing in line for hours to get into a convention, onlyto find that your favorite creator has already left for the day? Neverknowing that the appearance was scheduled to happen in the first place.Ever wish you were 'in the know'? Have you ever wondered how your buddy gotthat ultra deluxe, totally sold out con-exclusive item at the sameconvention that you went to? Ever get home from a convention to readheadlines from the panel that you missed? ConText can help.

For decades, the seasoned convention go-er was limited in finding out aboutexclusive products, creator appearances and headlines while on theconvention room floor. Mountains of flyers, thick programs, flashingmulti-media displays, announcement boards, and word of mouth rumors weretheir only tools for discovering the real reasons for coming to theconvention in the first place…

Until Con-Text.

Con-Text is a cutting edge tool designed to send news and announcements intothe palm of the convention go-er's hand. Literally. Con-Text is a live SMS(Simple Messaging System) cell phone newsletter created to help you find outwhat's happening, where it's at, and how you can take advantage of thelatest offers and information, LIVE from the convention floor.

For a nominal fee, Con-Text subscribers will get:

-Celebrity appearance announcements

-Exclusive products



-and Special Con-Text only discounts and deals

All sent to their cell phone several times a day through out the convention.

- Let Con-Text be your exclusive source for news and information on theconvention room floor, and be in the know!

Con-Text is being developed for use at all of the major entertainmentconventions this year, but will debut at Wizard World Los Angeles, March17-19.

Subscribe today at www.bravenewworldcomics.com/context

For more information about ConText, or to become a ConText PromotionalPartner contact

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