Into the Spider-Verse Teaser's Glitches May Hint At Some Key Spider-Men

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 is coming in 2022. Following the first Oscar-winning Spider-Man animated feature, fans are excited to return to the world of Miles Morales and the multiverse of Spider-heroes. However, we have precious few -- if any -- hints as to what to expect when the next film swings around, other than a brief teaser flashing a series of spider symbols on screen behind the date of release.

Fans have theorized that the logos glimpsed in the teaser represent future Spider-People who may or may not be in the upcoming film. This might turn out to be misdirection, but if not, and the speculation is correct, we could be in for an even larger Spider-Verse on-screen than before.

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Mr. Negative

At one point, we see an inverted symbol, which is pale blue over white. This could be a tease for the villainous Mr. Negative, who most fans will remember from the hit PS4 Spider-Man game as one of the primary antagonists.

This could even be a hint that either Mr. Negative himself will be an antagonist in the film or perhaps a Spider-Man will become Mr. Negative. It's too early to determine either way if this is just a cool design or a real hint at the film's antagonist. Given that he's become a popular villain as of late, including him would be a smart choice.


Japanese Spider-Man Leopardon header

The second symbol we see in the teaser looks like one belonging to Takuya Yamashiro, aka Japanese Spider-Man, a self-declared "Emissary of Hell" who pilots giant robots and clobbers aliens. The Spider-Man tokusatsu series has more in common with Power Rangers and Ultraman than the Marvel superhero.

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The live-action series has become something of a cult classic over the years, in part due to how wildly different it is to every other version of Spider-Man. We already have Peni Parker from the first Spider-Verse film, who is remarkably similar to Takuya Yamashiro in regards to nationality and piloting a giant robot, so the creative team may already feel this spin on Spider-Man is already represented in the series.


Spider-Woman Jessica Drew Greg Land


Not everyone thinks that the second symbol shown is for Japanese Spider-Man, but, rather, for Jessica Drew: Spider-Woman.

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This would align with rumors of a female led-Spider-Verse film coming, starring Spider-Gwen and Jessica Drew. Into The Spider-Verse 2 could introduce the character to audiences to lay the groundwork for such a spinoff, which could then further explores the adventures of these Spider-Women. Continuing along these lines, could we also see Silk in this film? Or, perhaps, Mayday Parker?

Jessica would certainly allow for a far different flavor to be added to the film than, say, Japanese Spider-Man, would. After all, Jessica is a completely different character than anyone else in the series at the moment.


Spider-Carnage header

Some speculated that the bottom-right symbol in the tweet above represents Carnage. If this is the case, could we be dealing with Spider-Carnage in Spider-Verse, much like how Spider-Carnage appeared as the final antagonist of the '90s Spider-Man: The Animated Series? Or, perhaps, is this the serial-killer, the Spider, from Earth-15, who long ago melded with the Carnage symbiote, becoming a fearsome murderer?

This is an especially interesting idea given that, before Spider-Verse 2 hits theaters, Venom 2 will have already introduced Carnage once again to audiences, making that antagonist a fresh presence in the minds of the mainstream public.


spider-man far from home identity crisis

The original tweet cited above had trouble determining the identity of that bottom-left Spider-symbol. Scouring the Internet, there seem to be few others who had any idea as to what it might mean, too. However, we've theorized that, potentially, that symbol could represent one of three different characters.

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The first is the Iron Spider. The symbol incorporates gold and red colors, which ties in with the classic Iron Spider costume from the original Civil War event.

On the other hand, it could also represent Prodigy. Spider-Man assumed this alternate persona during the "Identity Crisis" storyline. This golden alter ego is a beloved superhero who is respected by everyone, even J. Jonah Jameson.

However -- and this possibility is arguably the most interesting -- this could represent Spider-Man 2211, a very far future iteration of the wall-crawler. After all, if Spider-Man 2099 is in Spider-Verse, what's to stop an even further future version from appearing?


Ben Reilly and Spider-Man 2099 are fan-favorite Spider-Men so it didn't take long for their names to start popping up online after the teaser dropped.

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The groundwork for these two has already been laid out. The Peter Parker of Miles's world notably sported Ben's blonde hair (Ben is a clone of Parker) while the inclusion of a post-credits scene featuring Miguel O'Hara, voiced by Oscar Isaac, in the first film all but confirms the Spider-Man of 2099 will be featured in the sequel.


Spider-Man Miles Morales Venom War

As is the nature of teases, plenty is left unsaid and nothing guessed is confirmation of anything. All or none of the aforementioned Spider-Men could appear, or perhaps there's a different angle that the symbols are distracting us from. What about the possible future of a happy Mary Jane with Spider-Man, a la Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows?

It's also possible at this point that Sony might want to combine its Spider-Verse with its live-action films, either subtly or overtly. It already included multiple teases to its live-action films in the first film, but why not have a more overt connection in the second? Considering Tobey Maguire was almost brought in to voice Chris Pine's Spider-Man, it's clearly something the studio was seriously toying with already.

Spider-Verse 2 might also contain references to Tom Holland or Andrew Garfield's versions of the character, perhaps even directly offering a degree of closure for the latter's unfinished series. Much like the Spider-Verse itself, the possibilities at this stage seem endless.

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