Into the Spider-Verse's Peter Parker Is Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man

The latest trailer for Sony's upcoming Into the Spider-Verse is packed with characters, references and moments that will have comic book fans more excited than ever for the release of the movie. Those fans who only know Spider-Man from his films, however, have a bunch of tantalizing Easter eggs that lead us to believe that the version of Spidey we’ll be seeing is one who’s no stranger to the big screen.

We’ve known for a while now that the version of Peter Parker we’ll be seeing in Into the Spider-Verse will be older than any we’ve seen in the movies so far, and far older than we tend to see in the comics as well. He’s got stubble, a slightly jaded look across the eyes, and most importantly he takes Miles Morales, the star of the film, under his wing. This mentorship role for Spider-Man is rarely explored in the comics, but it totally fits with the character. It also makes sense that he would be older in this case, so that he can impart his wisdom upon the teenaged Miles, who is obviously relatively new to the superhero lifestyle.

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This new trailer wastes no time in recapping Peter Parker’s life so that we can get to the real star of the show, Miles. “My name is Peter Parker,” the voiceover (by New Girl’s Jake Johnson) tells us, “I’m pretty sure you know the rest.” This is a smart approach to Spidey’s origin story because we already know the history of the web-slinging superhero. We’ve seen it multiple times in the movies alone, which is why Spider-Man: Homecoming did away with it entirely. What we see in this latest trailer, however, is that we know this specific Spider-Man’s origins very well indeed, because he's basically Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, from director Sam Raimi’s original trilogy.

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