10 Versions Of Spider-Man We Want To See In Into The Spider-Verse 2

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse 2

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is one of the most beloved web-head based films that Sony has ever produced. The surprise hit generated a lot of buzz for a sequel and even earned itself an Oscar for the incredible animation and inspiring story.

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With the news that a sequel is in development, we can't help but think of the many possible versions of Spider-Man that could enter this universe. We've already seen a huge range from Spider-Ham to Spider-Man Noir and 2099. The team behind the sequel has revealed that there will be even more Spider-Men in the future. Aside from the trio of live-action actors, here's 10 versions of Spider-Man we want in the next animated film.


Japanese Spider-Man Leopardon header

The Japanese version of Spider-Man has been teased for the sequel on social media. The character first made his debut in the original Spider-Man series that aired in Japan. He's quite different from the other versions of the web-head that we've seen though.

Drawing on many different Japanese elements, the character has many bizarre catchphrases. He also has a pretty cool car and a robot that reminds us more of the Power Rangers. Plus, his suit can appear from a button on his wrist, which is definitely useful.



Spider-Punk is another interesting character that we've seen across the comics. While he's never been a core element of the Spider-Man story, he's still different enough that it's worth putting him on the big screen.

The design of the character is really fun, with a jean jacket and a spiked mohawk rounding out the look. He also carries with him a guitar, which can be used as a weapon. This version of the web-slinger is much edgier, and his voice actor should match that.


Old Man Spider

The Old Man Logan trend has kicked in, with Marvel Comics making many different elderly versions of their characters. We've seen it with Hawkeye and with Harley Quinn (oddly), and now we've finally seen Old Man Spider.

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It isn't Peter Parker under the mask, though, but Ezekiel Sims, who has been granted these Spider powers. The interesting part about Sims is that he's from Earth 616, so perhaps he could be brought in from a future on the original Earth in this universe, thus teaching Miles about 616.



Ben O'Reilly, the Scarlet Spider, has become such a popular character that he's had his own spin-off series. The clone of Peter Parker was a part of the original and much-debated about Clone Saga. The character has since created his own, more independent life.

The Scarlet Spider is very different from Peter Parker despite their genetic link. The character could very much act as a new mentor to Miles, as he can relate to having to create his own legacy in the Spider costume. Plus the suit he wears is pretty spectacular.



The PS4 Spider-Man has been a roaring success for Sony, much like the animated film. The character portrayed in the game is very similar to what we see in the comics, although he is slightly earlier in his career. The previous film actually teased this version.

In the bunker of the dead Peter Parker, you can see the PS4 suit as one of the many options Miles can choose from. That doesn't rule out the fact that another Earth could feature a Peter Parker in that very same suit, a costume designed by the sleek white spider on the front.


Scarlett Spiders

The Red Team isn't that well known to many Marvel fans, but they are pretty unique and would make for a fun addition to this universe. During the days of the initiative, a character called MVP was cloned into three separate entities.

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They adopted the Scarlet Spider name and started wearing the Iron Spider suits. The three of them become dubbed the Red Team and would work in unison, overwhelming their opponents and carrying out orders. They are heroic in some respects, although the initial MVP was very unstable. Perhaps the three characters could be voiced by the three live-action Spider-Men?


Spider-Monkey is a creation of an alternate Earth where the people are actually apes. As you can imagine, the character is a monkey with the powers of Spider-Man, and the correct suit pulled over his ape-like body.

Although he could be written as being from the same Earth as Spider-Ham, we'd love for Miles to explore a completely different reality again, giving us some Planet of the Apes vibes. The character is quirky enough for the series and would be a welcome addition.



Spider-UK has one of the best designs on this list. The version of Spider-Man from the United Kingdom wears the Union Jack with pride. He's barely ever brought into these kinds of situations, but he'd be a great background character to have.

He was, however, a main part of the Spider-Verse story in the comics, which would make him a great fit for the sequel film. We're surprised that he wasn't used for the original movie, although he was considered at one stage, along with an Australian version.


Night Monkey was an invention of the latest MCU Spider-Man movie. As Parker is in Europe on a school trip, he wants everyone to still think he's not actually Spider-Man. He, therefore, uses a stealth suit provided by Nick Fury.

When Ned has to cover for him, he decides to pretend that the black-suited superhero is a European rip-off version. He nicknamed the impostor Night-Monkey, and somehow, the name seemed to have stuck. It would be brilliant to include the European Night Monkey in this film.


Superior Spider-Man feature

The Superior Spider-Man was a really imaginative comic book run that lasted for quite some time. With Peter Parker seemingly dying and the switching of minds resulting in Doc Ock becoming a reformed man, he took on the role of the Superior Spider-Man.

The combination of the Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus suits was already genius, but by having this criminal repent in some way, he became one of the most interesting versions of Spider-Man. Maybe Olivia Octavius could take on the role in the future.

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