INTERVIEW: Zub, Silas & Cebulski On Hunt for Wolverine's Madripoor Mystery

I imagine the cast is part of the big fun of this series, but another enjoyable element has got to be the setting you're sending them to. What do you enjoy most about Madripoor?

Zub: Madripoor is a classic “city of sin,” with exotic visuals, larger than life characters, and shadowy corners. It’s the perfect place to take chances, be bold, get sexy, change your identity, or hide a body, and we’ll be doing all of those things in this miniseries.

Silas: I see Madripoor as a darker city than has been shown, but that still keeps its many colored lights. If have a place that hides so many secrets, it needs more shadows. I'm putting more contrast into some night scenes.

Thony, what else can you tell us about the style and tone of your art for Mystery in Madripoor? How does it compare to your recent work on the X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold books?

Silas: I'd say there's something new on the way. My work on X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold was a road and evolution for that moment. I was doing short fill-in jobs and in this project I was able to think bigger and produce a visual concept. It's been an exciting experience to say the least.

EXCLUSIVE: Greg Land and Jay Leisten's cover for Hunt for Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #2

Another big difference is having great characters in the game, a good context for the series and brilliant writer. In short we have the beginning of one of the main miniseries about one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Universe, so, all this tells me to do more and be better.

There's a lot of mystery in this book, but when I read Jim Zub's fantastic scripts they took me on a real and exciting trip to the '90s. It wasn't just to review things though. I thought about Wolverine through each character and the experiences each of them have with him. So there is a strong touch of deep, violent and beautiful nostalgia. I think these words are sort of the defining characteristics of this miniseries, or at least the first issue.

Zub: Thony understands how important this miniseries is, and the mixture of big emotion/big action at the center of it. The artwork he's been sending in so far is career-making stuff, a sweet mix of elegant and bad ass I think X-fans are going to eat up.

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In addition, Thony has been sketching up redesigns of some unexpected villains who haven't been around for quite a while and I think these new outfits will become their standard look going forward. They're sleek and modern-looking without getting too far away from their super villainous roots.

Can you leave us with some more hints about some of the supporting players and antagonists your cast will interact with as Mystery in Madripoor unfolds?

Zub: With six powerful X-Men on the hunt and a mixture of new and old villains with big secrets and bigger plans close by, it doesn’t take long for things to explode in Madripoor. Logan provides constant inspiration and nostalgia for our team, but at each stage their memories of Wolverine are confronted by new information or unexpected turns.

The X-Men on this mission are intent on finding Magneto and he seems to be keeping something big from them. At the same time, Viper will appear for the first time since Secret Empire and she’s been busy recruiting some new allies…

I’m hoping Mystery In Madripoor will keep people guessing right up until the end. Once it’s all over I want readers to look back and wonder how they made it through the whirlwind because it is going to be a wild ride.

Silas: I've been dreaming of this day since I was playing around with the X-Men books, and this is definitely the project of my dreams. I'm doing my best to put all my energy, strength and beauty here. I hope you guys enjoy the miniseries.

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