INTERVIEW: Zub, Silas & Cebulski On Hunt for Wolverine's Madripoor Mystery

Storm and Domino are two very different types of heroes who have been comrades of Wolverine, and in romantic relationships with him. What does this mission mean for them? What's it like bouncing these characters off of each other?

Zub: Deep-diving into the emotional content and memories these characters have of Logan and the connection they’ve had with him is a big part of this story, absolutely. Storm has seen Logan grow from a hair-trigger animalistic killer to an honorable warrior and teacher. Domino first met Logan in his wild days, but they’ve both changed and that’s one of the things we dig into here. Accumulated scars. Tough memories and lessons learned.

Every character in Mystery In Madripoor has such a strong personality. Playing them off each other, especially during such a tense mission full of twists and turns, is an absolute blast.

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You're pretty familiar with Rogue in her role as an Avenger, having written her in Uncanny Avengers and the current “No Surrender” event, but what's it like writing her in the world of the X-Men? And have you written Psylocke before? What do you find most interesting about Betsy Braddock?

Zub: I loved writing Rogue as an Avenger, but having her back in her X-element has been wonderful. There’s a reason why she’s kept that “X” on her costume. It’s her home. That said, being home with the people who know you best isn’t always a pleasant experience. In issue #1 Rogue’s going to discover something Logan kept from her, something from her past. That little unspoken nugget is something she never wanted confirmed and she’ll need to deal with it.

Psylocke has the most to lose inMystery In Madripoor and this story is going to leave its mark upon her. Betsy’s inner thoughts open our first issue and, through her, we’ll gain insight into the other team members on this mission.

Jubilee went through a lot in the recent Generation Xseries where she regained her humanity. So what's your sense of the character? How's she dealing with the return of Logan when you pick up with her?

Zub: Jubilee very much wants to get things back to “normal”, whatever normal is for an X-Man, and this mission, searching for an old friend and causing trouble along the way, is very much what she needs. She’s all sass, but that attitude is a defensive mechanism and she’s going to be put in a tough spot.

Thony, Which of the cast have you especially enjoyed drawing?

Thony Silas: I think Psylocke is one the most important characters of the book, so I'm taking a more careful look at her, but Rogue has always been my favorite X-Woman. I can say that it has been very enjoyable to draw them both.

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