Wonder Woman: James Robinson Is Building Diana's Perfect Arch-Nemesis

The first word in your first issue is "Brother," and a lot of the buzz surrounding your arrival on Wonder Woman is the fact that you were going to be introducing her brother Jason. What can you tell us about Jason, and were you surprised by the reaction when his existence was revealed?

Basically, we know that [Diana] has a brother, and we know his name is Jason. That's all the information that Geoff gave us at the end of "Darkseid War." There were questions. Does he have powers? Does he not have his powers? Obviously, what does he look like? They're twins, so is he a male version of her? Does he look different? That's an obvious one, and it will be revealed when we finally meet the character. But also, is he good? Is he bad? He's grown up not living on Themyscira/Paradise Island, so how has that affected him, without the mother that gave birth to him? There are these questions that we will learn about. Who raised him? Who were his father and/or mother figures? All of these things will be revealed over the course of the arc.

One of the things that I enjoy doing, which obviously I am known for with Starman, years ago, is doing "Time Past" stories, where we would go into the pasts of these characters. It's not as extreme as we did with Starman, jumping back to Victorian Times or the 1940s. It's a relatively short period in the past. We'll get to see what Grail has been doing with the baby Darkseid, which is the other big thing we learn in the first issue: Grail is in it. We see what she's been doing and what her goals are. We'll also see how Jason grew up and became the person he is when we finally meet him.

I love that you call Darkseid, which I always pronounce Dark-side, Dark-seed. It warms my heart. [Laughs]

Why does it warm your heart? You know I live to give you pleasure, Jeff, but I am just curious why you wouldn't pronounce it Dark-seed. I'm English, so that's one thing, but I know Grant Morrison had the Darkseid Club in Final Crisis, etc. Now that I'm thinking about it, of course it's Dark-side, but I've always called him Dark-seed. I grew up in England reading New Gods. My first memory of [Jack] Kirby's New Gods is reading those 52-page, extra-large comics. I've always called him that. I guess it's me being English though I guess Grant Morrison is Scottish, so I guess I don't really have that as an excuse either. I guess we should pronouncing things the same way.

Superman has Lex Luthor and Batman has the Joker, but Wonder Woman is without an iconic archenemy. Yes, there's Cheetah but she doesn't really match up with Wonder Woman in terms of strength. There's Giganta too, but Wonder Woman makes quick work of her in your very first issue. Why is Grail a worthy adversary?

I should say that Giganta appears to be a throwaway character in the first issue, but she actually has a quite important role in this arc. That's thanks to the input of [editor] Chris Conroy and [assistant editor] Andrew Marino. I've really enjoyed working with those two. They're fantastic. Their creative input and support has been absolutely invaluable. That said, again, Giganta is not just a throwaway character for just one issue so Wonder Woman can flex her muscles in the first issue. She plays an important role moving forward.

In terms of Grail, one of the things that make her a worthy adversary is that she is part Amazon. In many ways, she is Wonder Woman's superior. Part of the story is that Wonder Woman is half-Amazon and half-daughter of a god, namely Zeus. Grail is half-Amazon and half-daughter of a new god, Darkseid. I think that makes them perfect antagonists. Grail is a vital and important part of this whole storyline, but the idea that she might actually stay around and become Wonder Woman's opposite, at least in terms of superpowers, in the way that the Joker is the flipside of Batman and Lex Luthor is, in many ways, the flipside of Superman, is really exciting for readers, and future writers of Wonder Woman could do well to keep her in mind.

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