Interview with the Robot 6-er

As the newest member of the Robot 6 crew, I realize I'm still something of a stranger in these parts. I'm a phantom who pops up every now and then to write something about the Con War, and like that -- poof! -- I'm gone. Who is this "Sean T. Collins," if that is my real name?

Well, if you really wanna know what makes me tick as a person who writes about comics for a living (or, more accurately, "a living"), check out the lengthy interview Christopher Allen conducted with me over at Comic Book Galaxy's group blog Trouble with Comics. It tackles pretty much my whole history as a critic, such as it is and such as I am, and sounds me out on a variety of pertinent issues, from the evolution of the comics blogosphere to the usefulness of comparing comics to other art forms like music to whether or not scorched-earth criticism is valid:

[Chris:] I'm curious about the disinclination towards snark. Not that you should do anything you don't feel, but doesn't highly intelligent snark, or let's call it no-holds-barred criticism a la Abhay Khosla or Tucker Stone, have its place? Isn't it just as valid, as long as the arguments are reasoned and thought-provoking, no matter how harsh?

[Sean:] It may be valid, it may not be valid. It depends on the piece. What I can tell you is that valid or not, it's not interesting to me, and it's frequently actively annoying. I also think the harshness quickly becomes an end in itself, so in that sense, I grow suspicious of its validity pretty quickly, I guess you could say. I've done it in the past and I reserve the right to do it again, because grown-ups can change their minds about these things, that's part of the fun of being a grown-up, but for now, it is not for me as a critic or a reader of criticism.

Further scintillating and provocative commentary, and overuse of the words "in terms of" and "engender," can be found at the link.

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