INTERVIEW: Gischler Promises Real Horror in Marvel's Spirits of Vengeance

What Brings Marvel's Spirits of Vengeance Together

So you've got a cast of volatile characters, and in recent years, not all of them have done heroic things. I'm guessing this incarnation of the Spirits of Vengeance might not get along, or be happy to be working with each other. What can you tell us about their reasons for coming together?

They're coming together because a threat they see coming is bigger than any individual differences or squabbles they may have amongst themselves.

You're right. There is a potential for friction, but they are all smart enough to see that because of the threat that is coming they've got to set those things aside and pay attention to what they're doing.

So there's almost a sense of professionalism there. They don't want to work together, but know they have to.

Yeah, but it's not like Hellstrom decided to call a meeting and say they should form a team. The way they come together is very organic. They assemble because of a threat, and they end up being this team. It's a little more professional, but this isn't something that S.H.I.E.L.D. cooked up or anything like that.

One of the challenges of doing a horror book set in the Marvel Universe is having your cast face unique adversaries and problems, but not having it feel like they're off on their own adventure that's disconnected from the larger Marvel U. Was that something you wrestled with while working on Spirits of Vengeance?

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To be honest, it hasn't really been an issue. Like I said, things have kind of rolled along organically. And I feel like these are the right characters to address the problem they're facing.

It's definitely a Marvel Universe book -- it's just a dark corner of the Marvel Universe. David Baldeon's work always seems right on target. You never know if what you're writing in your script will communicate exactly what you want. What I have found working with any really good professional artist is that they come back with even better than what you had hoped.

So far, what I've seen of David's work has just been masterful. It's really on target. I've created a new supporting character and I was wondering what they would look like. I'm very pleased with what I've seen of them so far.

David is a pro that gives you exactly what you asked for plus a little bit more. You see his work and it's like, “That's amazing!” You're happy to get these little treats from him in your e-mail inbox. It's like, “I got some new art from him today!”

Will your story feature new villains, or familiar foes?

I already mentioned that I created a supporting character. That character is on Team Bad Guy. The main bad guy, though, is somebody that preexisted. We had to dig through the archives and find somebody we liked, but it is an established Marvel character.

Then, the overall situation is big. It's not a local thing. Our heroes are facing a big threat. Wherever you live, you would feel it if our heroes didn't address the situation.

Spirits of Vengeance is only a five-issue miniseries, but if the project resonates with readers, would you be up for doing more?

Marvel is letting me play with their toys, and I'm grateful for that. When they contacted me, they told me right off this was a miniseries, so I'm doing what I've been asked to do. But if they want to talk to me about more issues I'd be a fool not to listen.

It's cool to be working on this project with a couple of editors that are super excited about it. Their excitement makes me excited. We feed off of each other. I feel like everybody who is working on this likes these characters and wants this to go well. So it's been some work, but overall it's been a lot of fun.

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