INTERVIEW: Director Ruben Fleischer Talks 'Ultimate' Inspiration for Venom

What influenced the choice to use Riot as the big bad here?

Hmm. I think, you know... there's a certain symbiote spawn that I think fans are most excited to see. So that one was off the table. Hopefully at some point in the future they will. Um, so we wanted to save kind of the most anticipated one for the future. And not just that, but because we really wanted this movie to be about Venom.

And so, it was just honestly kind of like, who's the coolest looking spawn who isn't that one? The most bad ass, you know? That's where Riot came from. He's the biggest of the Life Foundation symbiotes, he's got that gun metal grey. I don't want to say it was purely an aesthetic decision, but the aesthetics definitely played a big part.

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What about Tom Hardy? What about him made him work in this role for you

Tom was central in the creation of Eddie and Venom, it was kind of all him, you know -- the voice of Venom, the dynamic between them. I don't know if you've heard how he was able to talk back and forth between them. He did this really cool thing, which I'd actually never seen an actor do before, where at the beginning of each day he would record the scene, both Eddie and Venom.

He'd read it through and they'd record it, and then the sound guys would cut out all the Eddie lines and they'd just have the Venom lines, prerecorded. And then he wore this thing called an Earwig, which is like a really tiny a headphone -- almost like a hearing aid. And so he would wear that, and then in the middle of the scenes, whether he was talking to Michelle or just by himself, the sound guys would trigger the Venom voice. And so he'd literally here this voice, but she had prerecorded in his head in the middle of that scene.

Venom, directed by Ruben Fleischer starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams his theaters October 5th.

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