Taylor & Netflix Welcome Viewers Back to The Deep for Season 2


Pop culture is filled with adventurers who looked to the stars and headed out to explore the mysteries of space, but a large portion of our own planet holds just as many mysteries for intrepid explorers. In the animated series The Deep, and the graphic novels that inspired it, Tom Taylor [writer of All-New Wolverine for Marvel Comics and Injustice for DC Comics] and his collaborators show just how fun, exciting, and enigmatic a place the planet's oceans can be. The series, which follows the adventures of the Nektons, a family of undersea explorers, has featured pirates, gigantic sea creatures, and an ongoing plot line about the search for the fabled lost city of Lemuria. Best of all, it's an all-ages adventure series that families can enjoy together.

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The first season of The Deep debuted on Netflix in 2016, and today the adventures of the Nekton family continue with the arrival of the 13-episode second season on the streaming service. CBR spoke with Taylor about the show, what viewers can expect from Season 2, and the upcoming BOOM! Studios collection of Taylor and artist James Brouwer's The Deep graphic novels.

CBR: Let's begin by talking about what The Deep is: the all-ages adventures of the Nekton family, a team of highly-capable underwater explorers who investigate aquatic mysteries, battle high tech pirates, and deal with giant sea monsters, all while searching for the remains of the fabled lost city of Lemuria. Did I cover everything?

Tom Taylor: I think that's a very good description, though I wouldn't call the pirates high tech. They're certainly underwater pirates, but they're pretty low tech. They wish they were hight tech.

[Laughs] What are some of the things that inspired The Deep?

It often gets compared to The Incredibles and the Fantastic Four. Obviously it's a family story, and I guess what sets this apart from a number of all-ages things is that everybody in the Nekton family is competent. That's certainly true of The Incredibles and the Fantastic Four.

Part of the goal of this was that we didn't want to diminish any of the characters. We didn't want the cliched, useless father or the nagging mother. We wanted everybody to just be great at what they do and all share in the excitement of the adventure that they're on.

That was one of the things I enjoyed about the show, especially when it came to the young characters, Ant and Fontaine Nekton. More often than not in all-ages shows, kids that become part of the adventure end up causing more trouble than they're worth. Here, though, the kids are able to contribute to their family's adventures, and their skills and abilities help solve problems and save they day.

That's absolutely right. The kids have grown up as adventurers on their family's submarine and doing all these amazing things. So they're in their element. They are their parents' children and, they're just as good and just as competent. They all have great skills.

Another aspect of The Deep that I really enjoyed is it features a family that doesn't look like the average family you'd see on American TV.

Yes, it's a Black father, an Asian mother, and their two children. We make sure never to say where they're from, because whoever wants to see themselves in the Nektons can when they watch this show. We have Aboriginal fans in the Outback of Australia. We have fans in India and Pakistan. I believe the show is currently airing in over 130 countries, and a lot of people contact us and say, “This is the first time I've seen my family on television,” which is wonderful to hear.

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