Marvel's Thor Vs Hulk Series Introduces a New Elder of the Universe

Meet: The Promoter

We've introduced a new (if not slightly lesser) Elder of the Universe. She's called The Promoter, and the competition between Hulk and Thor is her idea. She's the last survivor of her own race, and is extremely good at assisting and promoting The Champion. These days, it's not enough just to be the strongest, you have to let everyone know. That's what a promoter is for.

The Promoter is a lot of fun. She's slick, she's dramatic, and she's a born storyteller. She's the ultimate hype man and right now she knows there are no two hotter names in the Marvel Universe than Hulk and Thor. If she's going to hype up The Champion, she's going to make sure people are listening. And Hulk and Thor are the way to do that.


I was inspired to create her by considering how a character like the Champion would have evolved between his creation and now in the real world. Anybody who watches any professional combat sport like boxing or MMA knows that much more time is spent on hyping a fight than the fight itself.

You're working with Simone Buonfantino who worked with Disney in the past, but is relatively new to the world of American comics.

Simone has a real knack for the scope of the story. There's a big splash page at the end of the first issue that really just took my breath away the first time I saw it. It's beautiful and terrifying and fits the moment perfectly. When you're working with characters as oversized as Hulk and Thor, it's important to have somebody who can handle the scope.

Now, not everybody realizes this, but Simone is doing odd numbered issues and Alti Firmansyah is doing the even numbered issues. Readers of previous digital first stories from Marvel will know her work from the phenomenal X-Men '92 series. Alti is a dream to work with. She has a real knack for getting the acting in the panels down. Character actions and reactions feel perfect, which really lends itself well to a story with both big dramatic and comedic elements.

It doesn't hurt that they're both lovely hard-working people who are a dream to work with!

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