EXCLUSIVE: Why Hawkeye & Winter Soldier Are Searching for Black Widow

When Black Widow Is Involved, Some People Won't Survive

Where will Clint and Bucky's investigation take them? Is this a story that unfolds in one specific locale? Or is it more of a globe hopping adventure?

The first issue starts in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and ends in Eastern Europe, so yeah, we're moving around a lot. Whoever they are chasing is an international assassin and you can't be an international assassin and just stay in one place. Then you're just a local assassin. It's Bucky and Hawkeye traveling the globe, getting shot at, and getting on each other's nerves.

We are going to have some familiar and unexpected faces popping up for sure. Including one of my absolute favorites... But I don't think I can talk about it yet. It is called Tales of Suspense, right? As for new characters, yeah, there's a few. But a lot of the folks Bucky and Hawkeye cross paths with have pretty short life expectancies, so don't get too attached.

Your collaborator on Tales of Suspense, artist Travel Foreman, is great with characters and action, but one of the aspects of his work that I most enjoy is it's full of mood and tone.

Travel is a genius. I don't throw that around loosely. I have been a huge fan of his for years, and getting to work with him is everything I'd hoped for and more. When he turned in a big action scene in issue #1, with how effortless and badass he made it look, I immediately wrote the big set piece scene for issue #2. Travel's world is just so moody and cool, and then when it hits the fan it is so explosive and visceral. I think there aren't a lot of artists in comics who can handle both of those things and he does it with such grace. If nothing else, I can say this is gonna be one of the most badass looking books on shelves.

Finally, it sounds like "Red Ledger" will be an intense and emotional story that involves action, espionage, and mystery, but will there be room for some humor as well?

There is humor for sure. Hawkeye is funny. Hawkeye is at his funniest when things are rough, and this gets pretty rough. And in his own, dark way Bucky is funny too. He used to be the quippy sidekick when he was a kid. Now that sense of humor is mostly just about making jokes that make Hawkeye uncomfortable, but they are technically jokes. And the tension of them trying to work together is fun. Think The Odd Couple with Jason Bourne and whoever Hawkeye played in that Bourne movie that didn't have Jason Bourne. That's our tone.

I hope people check out the book. It's full of twists and turns, badass moments, and awkward jokes. Surely there is something for everyone in here. And if you are worried you aren't going to be able to follow along, just message me and I will explain what happened in the last 99 issues.

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