In Spider-Man Vs Deadpool, Best Frenemies Become Bitter Enemies

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The Marvel Universe is a place of unlikely friendships, where heroes who wouldn't normally work together not only find themselves reluctant allies, but eventually genuine confidants. One of the best examples of this is the friendship between Spider-Man and Deadpool, who, much to Spidey's chagrin, became quite close in Spider-Man/Deadpool.

Now, in the aftermath of Marvel's event series Secret Empire, Wade Wilson and Peter Parker are in very different places, and from where Pete is standing it appears that Deadpool hasn't changed at all. In fact, his friend has become even worse than he was before he started hanging out with Spidey.

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So when the new creative team of writer Robbie Thompson and artist Chris Bachalo take over Spider-Man/Deadpool in November, the characters' blossoming bromance will be over and the driving relationship of the book will be Spider-Man VERSUS Deadpool! Of course, CBR had to ask Thompson all about his and Bachalo's plans for Marvel's not-so-dynamic duo.

CBR: The big news in the world of Spider-Man and Deadpool is their bromance is about to come to an end. 

Robbie Thompson: I’m a horrible person! Nick Lowe and Jordan D. White tried to stop me! But I love chaos! Kidding! Mostly.

Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness did such an awesome job launching this book. They told the type of story we were all hoping for -- big action and big laughs -- but they grounded it all in a really emotional narrative that brought out the best and worst from these two characters. When Nick called me up about working on the book, he caught me up with where the characters would be headed in their main books, and he and Jordan both had a great sense of where to take these two next in this title, and going head-to-head was a logical next step and a great way to raise the stakes. On that first call, I got really excited, because they wanted to test these two characters’ unlikely friendship and see if it could withstand the pressure.

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Spidey's vendetta against Deadpool will begin with the characters in two very different places. Peter Parker is now broke and reviled by the general public after losing his company during the events of Secret Empire, while Deadpool is now hated by the hero community for the role he played and actions he took during Secret Empire. What's your sense of where your protagonists are when you pick up with them? What's it like writing them in their new status quo?

I’m really grateful to Dan Slott and Gerry Duggan for what they’ve done in their books. They really positioned Spider-Man and Deadpool in really interesting ways. You’re right, they’re both down in the dumps, but they are both dealing with it in their signature opposite ways.

For Spider-Man, he’s trying to get back to what he knows, all the while still confronting what went wrong and finding his way back to being a friendly neighborhood hero again. But it’s not easy. Digging his way out will take a while. Deadpool is kind of the perfect place to start for Spider-Man -- Wade has gone too far, and Spider-Man feels it’s up to him to bring him in once and for all. This should be easy, but nothing is easy with Deadpool.

For Deadpool, he’s in a darker place because he tried to be good and epically failed. So, he too, is going back to what he knows -- which is being a mercenary. Being a bad guy. He’s not really doing any soul searching like Spider-Man. Outwardly, he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him in the Marvel Universe... except, of course, Spider-Man.

So, it’s been fun writing “back to basics” versions of the characters, largely because it puts them in direct conflict with one another.

This is, in fact, my first time writing Deadpool, and he has been an absolute gentleman to work with. I am so grateful for the chance to get to write this character, particularly interacting with Spider-Man and particularly with where Deadpool is in his life right now. Deadpool has nothing to lose, and it shows. Spider-Man is determined to bring Deadpool to jail, and Deadpool has zero interest in any of that. And yet, he still has nothing but love for Spider-Man, so it’s going to be tough on the Merc. And yes, he can change a scene’s tone on a dime, which has been really helpful in the early issues. Spider-Man is all business with the task at hand, and for Deadpool, he’s just trying to keep the laughs going.

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