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Spider-Man & Deadpool Go Full Slapstick (And That’s No Joke)

by  in CBR Exclusives, Comic News Comment
Spider-Man & Deadpool Go Full Slapstick (And That’s No Joke)

Crimefighting may be serious business, but two of Marvel Comics’ most beloved characters, Spider-Man and Deadpool, are known for bringing some much needed levity to the business of costumed heroics. Their differing styles of humor and perspectives often clash, but in the pages of Spider-Man/Deadpool the duo have developed a (sometimes reluctant) friendship. The most recent arc of the series found the duo taking a break from each other, but when they reunite in Spider-Man/Deadpool #19, which kicks off a two-part story by writer Joshua Corin and artist Will Robson, they’ll be trying to take their adventures more seriously.

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The biggest test to their new brand of crimefighting will come not from any villain, but a team-up with a character who makes Wade Wilson look like a responsible hero; his former employee, the living cartoon known as Slapstick. CBR spoke with Corin about the dynamic between Spidey and Deadpool, what Slapstick adds to it, and the characters the trio will run afoul of.

CBR: So far you’ve done three stories for Marvel and they all involve bouncing Deadpool off of other Marvel characters, Spider-Man included. Is that just a coincidence, or is there something you find especially appealing in chronicling the dynamics between Deadpool and other characters?

EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man/Deadpool #19 art by Will Robson and colors are by Jordan Boyd

Joshua Corin: Deadpool is so much fun to write. His carefree personality and reckless behavior forces other characters out of their comfort zones and can open up a lot of crazy conflict.

What’s your sense of the Spider-Man and Deadpool dynamic? It feels like being around Spidey helps Deadpool deal with some of his self loathing, but how does being around Deadpool benefit Spidey? Does it?

Spidey and Deadpool have a lot in common. Sure, they both spice up their beatdowns with zingers and they both look great in red, but the way they deal with their personal demons is what sets them apart: Spidey of course is all about responsibility while Deadpool fanatically pursues the path of least responsibility. They really are perfect foils, bringing out the best and worst in each other.

For your story, you’re adding a new element into the Spidey-Deadpool dynamic in the form of Slapstick. What made you want to bring him into the story?

In the context of the arc, Spider-Man and Deadpool agree to act more respectfully and limit their quipping…so what could be more explosive for two characters trying to remain serious than forcing them to interact with a living cartoon like Slapstick?

What can you tell us about the adventure that brings Slapstick, Spider-Man, and Deadpool together? What kinds of action will we see?

There’s some violence in a park, there’s some violence on an ark…there’s a mad hunt for an old picture…and a cruel betrayal gets repaid in kind.

What can you tell us about the supporting cast and antagonists of your story?

EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man/Deadpool #19 art by Will Robson and colors are by Jordan Boyd

Once I decided that much of the action in the story would involve the Jersey mafia, I came upon an homage to a certain HBO show that I hope everyone will enjoy.

Artist Will Robson, who recently displayed his gifts for comedy, action, and pathos in Great Lakes Avengers, is your collaborator on Spider-Man/Deadpool #19-20. What’s it like working with Will? What do you enjoy most about his style?

Will is a fabulous collaborator. His work is so full of energy and humor and I knew even from his initial sketches that his style was a perfect fit for the weird and wacky events in these issues.

Writing Spider-Man/Deadpool has been a dream come true! I’m always honored whenever Marvel allows me to play in their sandbox. They have the best toys.

Finally, some comic readers might not be aware that you’re also a prose novelist who’s published several thriller novels. Which of your novels would you recommend for fans of your comic work that are curious about your prose stories?

My most recent novels have been straight thrillers, but my first novel, Nuclear Winter Wonderland, was more of a wild adventure about a not-so-bright college kid who teams up with a female clown to rescue his sister from a pessimistic terrorist.

EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man/Deadpool #19 art by Will Robson and colors are by Jordan Boyd

EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man/Deadpool #20 art by Will Robson

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