Before Solo, Go All In With Rodney Barnes' Lando: Double Or Nothing

I've only really seen bits of Donald Glover's Lando in the Solo trailers, but what I've seen suggests that he's confident in who he is and has already developed his signature style. Is that your sense of Lando when you pick up with him in issue #1 of Double or Nothing? Which aspects of his character are you especially interested in exploring in this series?

Confident is an understatement. [Laughs] Fearless, ambitious, self serving... but with a moral compass, nonetheless. I plan to explore his emotional development from where we’re meeting him in this series to begin to resemble some elements of the older version. Not too much, but you’ll certainly see glimpses.

The other major character in Double or Nothing is Lando's droid, L3. What can you tell us about L3's personality and his dynamic with Lando?

EXCLUSIVE: Art from Lando: Double Or Nothing #1 by Paolo Villanelli

L3 is the perfect partner for Lando at this stage of his development. Sometimes a sounding board, sometimes a cheerleader and sometimes the voice of reason.

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Part of the fun of Lando is he can go almost anywhere and in get into a variety of troubles. What can you tell us about the tone of his adventures and the action he gets into in Double or Nothing?

The tone is dangerous but fun. Fast paced, lots of action. Let’s just say Lando has his share of enemies for being such a young guy.

What can you tell us about the enemies Lando will run afoul of in your series? Does the supporting cast of Double or Nothing include any familiar faces? Or is it primarily made up of new characters?

EXCLUSIVE: Art from Lando: Double Or Nothing #1 by Paolo Villanelli

All of the characters are new. It was a lot of fun to create a world of new folks to accompany the great lead. I also got to create some new settings which was a blast. You get a feeling of awesome responsibility because of how loved this world is. The stuff of bucket lists.

Finally when Double or Nothing was announced the art team was still "To be determined." Are you able to talk about who you're collaborating with on this book? And if so what can you tell us about them and their style?

Paolo Villanelli is the artist I’m blessed with collaborating with. He's got a great eye for both the expanse of the universe and character development. Honored to be doing this with Paolo.

Star Wars: Lando - Double or Nothing, by Rodney Barnes and Paolo Villanelli, kicks off in May from Marvel Comics.

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