INTERVIEW: Mike Mignola On Hellboy's Future After Ending The B.P.R.D.: The Devil You Know

Roger's reappearance was a big surprise for folks too. And I feel like he's kind of "the one that got away" from you. He was original "your" character when Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. split stories, and it seemed that you had to give him up to the other book after a while because of where HB was going. Then when Roger died, he was one of the few characters who never really came back in any way. Had you been wanting to put him back on the board, so to speak?

Well, that was one of those rare instances where I stepped in and did the "Goodbye Roger" sequence. I did Roger's afterlife, and we saw him as this baby sitting under a statue in an idyllic afterlife that he got. I really thought it was just a beautiful place to leave him, and anything that involved pulling him out of that place just felt really sad. Of all the characters other than Hellboy, Roger deserved to get his wish – to be a real boy.

It was sad to bring him back, but I also realized that Hellboy and Roger had a particular relationship, and Hellboy was never there when Roger died. He never got to say goodbye to Roger. So it worked very neatly to have this slight reunion. Also: the mechanics of how to bring Hellboy into the world were tricky, and I thought using Roger who has the relationship with Hellboy as a bridge worked. And it's not something that's capable of being "explained" – the logic of how that worked. But somewhere in the plotting of this thing, I or Scott or the magic combination of the two of us realized that Roger was the proper doorway to bring Hellboy back.

In fact, if you look way back at the end of The Storm & The Fury, there's this apocalyptic kind of thing. It's right when Hellboy dies, and Alice is running back to where Hellboy is in this tower. At some point, the voiceover is saying something about all these characters that still have a part to play. And what you see over Alice is Abe, Liz and Roger. I purposefully didn't want to put Hellboy up there because we were about to kill him. But Roger was up there because at that point, I already knew that Roger would eventually be the bridge to bring Hellboy back. Scott and I have been talking about this stuff for literally years, so there's a lot of conversations that are "Someday we'll do this." We knew where we were going. We didn't know all the exact beats, but we knew the roles characters would play.

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