INTERVIEW: Legion's Cast Promises More Dancing (and Maybe Dolphins) In Season 2

The following interview was conducted during 2017's Comic-Con International in San Diego.

In Legion's daring first season, FX's X-Men related show shook up the expectations of a superhero television drama by diving head first into the trippy headspace of its possibly unhinged anti-hero, David Haller (Dan Stevens). The first episode pitched awe-struck audiences into a freshman season filled with menacing mutants, cryogenically frozen geniuses, fractured flashbacks and a dancing femme fatale. What could possibly come next for David, his friends and foes? Last year, CBR spoke with the cast and creators of the hit FX series to see what Legion has in store for Season 2.


Executive Lauren Shuler Donner opened up about Legion's second season, which will feature ten episodes. At the time of our talk interview, the cast only had access to the first script, but Shuler Donner was happy to reveal a key detail. "(In Season 1,) David was dealing with this evil within. (In Season 2), we are going to be dealing this time with the evil without."

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Of course, part of that "without" will involve the fiendish Lenny Busker (Aubrey Plaza), who teamed up/overtook the recently revived psychic Oliver Bird (Jemaine Clement) in Season 1's bonkers finale. Asked when audiences will get to see that demented duo again, Schuler Donner grinned, promising, "Right off the bat. The first minute, sitting by a pool. That's all I'm going to say."


Being separated from Oliver will be hard on his wife Melanie (Jean Smart), of course, who suffered a loss first when he was put in a cryogenic freeze, and then again when he returned without any memory of his wife. Still, Smart is hopeful. After telling us "my character has a change that's quite interesting (in the premiere)," she shared her hopes for later in the season, saying, "I would like to do the tango with Jemaine!"

"There will be song and dance for sure," confirmed executive producer John Cameron, though he demurred from specifying what type. We told him of Smart's wish to dance with Clement, and he replied, "I bet she does! And that's perfect for them." Fingers crossed!


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